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Here she comes…(another week gone by!)

hi all- Meredith here (again!) –

I hope you are all feeling refreshed after the weekend. I had a nice time. On Friday evening I went to my very first drive-in movie. Growing up in downtown Toronto, we didn’t often go out in the car, let alone sit in one at the movies! So I really didn’t know what to expect from the drive-in.

But let me just tell you this: I loved it. We went to Kingston Family Funworld where we saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes — the perfect film to be watched through a windshield. I loved the atmosphere at Kingston Family Funworld, too. It was a wonderfully mixed crowd: kids in their pyjamas, dogs, popcorn chaos… and then the cars, lined up in rows one beside the next the way you see in films from the 1950s. I’m definitely going back (though next time, I’ll squeeze in a game of mini-putt, or a couple of rounds on the Go-Kart track!).

On Saturday, a friend and I (also feeling sort of restless and unfocused) decided (rather spontaneously) to go on a camping trip. We went to Murphy’s Point Provincial Park where we did some hiking and swimming and generally revelled in being away from our computers.

We got back just in time to make it to a twice-weekly pick-up soccer game — it was great to run around and laugh and enjoy the summer evening (and I must say- these weekly games are definitely improving my skills, even though I’m still quite often the lowliest player on the field).

**If anyone is interested in joining these pick-up games, please get in touch and I’ll hook you up. Everyone is welcome, and since many of our regular players are leaving town for good at the end of August, we’re definitely going to be needing new bodies!**

I am doing my best to get my head back into work-mode, but it’s tricky. I just had word back from my supervisor on the (unfinished) draft of my theoretical essay (I am writing an essay to compliment my blog project). Between the fact that I have a ways to go, and the fact that she’s out of the country tending to some ill family members, I may not be able to finish in September as I had hoped. It’s a bit stressful to contend with (ie. it will mean paying fees in the fall) but maybe it’s for the best? We shall see.

Today I’ve got a great big To-Do list, including a list of excellent suggestions from my supervisor on how to make my paper better. I’m going to take a gander at her notes now…just taking things slow and keeping an open mind (or trying, anyway!).

Here’s to a productive week, everyone.

P.S. Good news: the CUPE strike has been averted. Still no word on a possible faculty strike… we’ll see what happens.

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