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It’s Fridayfridayfriday…

hi all- Meredith here again.

Well, it’s a sunny Friday here in Kingston. I had lofty plans to get myself to the library for a good, sustained chunk of writing today, but the day hasn’t unfolded in quite that way. Instead I’ve fielded phone calls and dealt with emails and am a little behind schedule… but I think it’s ok. When I’m in the right frame of mind, it all feels like it’s part of the process of making baby steps forward, even when they baby steps may not seem immediately applicable to the task of GETTING MY THESIS PROJECT FINISHED SO I CAN GRADUATE!

ahrg. Ah well. Beating myself up about that doesn’t seem to be an effective strategy either (trust me, I’ve tried it).

Actually, feeling stressed the other day, I had a very wise person remind me of the following:

Although my life feels totally up in the air right now (ie. I don’t yet know what I’m doing about a job, and so that will affect where I’m going to live and where I am going to build a community…so many questions!), I really only have one important task that should be getting my attention these days: finishing my thesis project and getting my degree. Those other existential questions (what is my purpose, where should I be putting my energy, how will I ever figure out what I want?) will still be there when I’m done that. Trying to juggle them while I finish my work is only a distraction that can leave me feeling stressed/frustrated/anxious and actually impedes my progress.

So that’s what I am trying to do. When those other “what’s next?” questions start pestering me from the back of my mind, she instructed me to tell them to wait. To remind them that it isn’t their turn yet. To let them know that I’ll get to them soon.

For now, I just have to keep pushing forward, doing what I need to do. I’m doing my best to put in a little time every day on this project, and (most importantly) am trying not to completely beat myself up when it doesn’t go as planned. (arhg).

It’s the weekend again – and that’s a good thing. If you’re looking for something fun to do in Kingston, the first annual Kingston Latino Fiesta is happening at the Mansion tomorrow. From 12-5pm, you can take part in dance classes, watch dance performances (yours truly will be performing!) hear live music.. and it’s all free! For more info, go here: http://www.kingstonlatino.com/en

I guess that’s it for now. I have to get back to work…

(Happy Weekending, all!)

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