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Haligonian hello!

hi all-

Sorry for the radio-silence. I’m in Halifax at the moment (my annual trip!) visiting old friends and frequenting once-familiar haunts. Hilariously, I was so swept up in visiting that I COMPLETELY FORGOT all about my Kingston-related responsibilities. Monday came and went without me posting anything to this trusty little blog! Sorry about that…

I’d actually been intending to come here for a visit all summer. Because I’ve been working on my final paper, however, I sort of felt like I was a little bit at the mercy of my supervisors/external forces in terms of booking a trip. I didn’t want to be away when I was supposed to be working on revisions, etc, and I didn’t want to risk not finishing on time because I would be away… it was a tricky thing to try and figure out.

But then a couple of weeks ago I got fed up with waiting for other people to tell me when I could go, and I spontaneously booked a trip. wheeee! I’m so glad I did. It’s SO nice to be here. I’m actually this from a favoured bookstore-cafe, where dark wood tables and a comfortably sophisticated atmosphere mingle with tasty teas and intriguing books. It’s a nice spot.

The days are rather whipping by in a pleasant frenzy. I love walking the streets here because I’m almost guaranteed to run into friends and acquaintances…it’s a nice sense of community.

But I’ll admit, there is also a vague sense of melancholy in being here, too. After all, it’s where I USED to live, and I still associate being here with past things, now-gone. People keep asking whether I’m going to move back, and, as my degree draws to a close, it’s interesting to see that actually, living here again could be a real possibility. I guess it will all come down to opportunity — where I can create it, where it finds me, where I look for it.

In the meantime, I’ve submitted a finished draft of my final paper (still waiting for comments on it) and am generally able to see that one phase of my life (the grad student phase) is slowly and steadily being wrapped up, while the future looms, unknown (an experience I find both exhilarating and utterly terrifying).

For now, I’ll try and enjoy the moments – and whether I end up back here or not, it’s comforting knowing that I’ve got it as an option. That’s a rather fortunate place to be in, I think.

I probably won’t write again until after the weekend — I hope you all enjoy the last weekend of August (eek!).

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