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Hi all- Meredith here.

For those of you who are new to Queen’s at to this little blog – welcome! I’m a graduate student in the Cultural Studies program. I’m currently working on finishing up my degree. While some of the details are still up in the air (like, for example, my defense date!), the end is very definitely in-sight.

I write a couple of times a week about life in grad school: the ups and downs, the uncertainties, and the (eventual) triumphs. I generally try to write in a way that is encouraging and helpful, giving survival tips when I can, and writing frankly about the experience of being a student. I’ve actually come back to school after being away from it for a number of years — a position that has been at times advantageous (ie. my ‘real world’ experience gives me a different perspective) and challenging (ie. it took me a little longer to get up to speed on functioning in the academic world).

If you’ve got questions, comments, or ideas about things you’d love to read about on this blog, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll try me best to address it all honestly and openly.

Both the city and campus have a definite buzz about them today. There are LOTS of bodies milling about. I was at the School of Graduate Studies orientation event this morning, where I met some really interesting incoming students. I’ll be posting an article about the event on the School of Graduate Studies website shortly — keep yer eyes peeled (if I took your picture it will be posted there, too!).

In some ways, I am envious of the amazing energy and enthusiasm that comes with being a new student. Everyone I met today was bristling with possibility – new professors and stimulating academic work, new friends, clubs, committees… Many still didn’t know their way around campus, and were just figuring out things like which cafes to frequent, where to buy groceries, and where to work out.

I’ve been here for two years now, which kind of amazes me! But yeah- two years ago I was a fresh-faced new kid… keenly exploring my new city and figure it all out. Now I feel like an old hand, truly amazed by how quickly things can start to feel familiar.

But even as a jaded old-kid, there is energy in the newness. Even though I’m not new, there are always new people for me to meet and new opportunities for me to take advantage of. That’s the nice thing about a university town: things are always in flux, and in movement, there is opportunity.

Right now, my empty stomach is urging me to get moving. I’m going to head to the farmer’s market (it takes place three times a week, at Market Square near City Hall) to pick up some fresh food, and will then head home to whip myself up a salad for lunch. Then I’ve got an afternoon of writing ahead of me.

Welcome, all! I do look forward to meeting you. Let me know how this blog can help you as you settle in…

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