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hi all – welcome to Monday: the first of the academic year.

There’s definitely something in the air today… and it’s not related to the weather. Instead, it’s anticipation: the promise of interesting and challenging things to come, of new friends and new experiences, and of new opportunities.

I just went for a walk and couldn’t help but notice all the carefully chosen outfits as I passed them. I’m sure many a new student spent a good amount of time in front of the mirror this morning.

I, on the other hand, am at my desk in my living room, with big plans to get going on revising my final paper. I had a great chat with my supervisor on Friday afternoon and have a much clearer sense of how I ought to be proceeding. The problem is that life just keeps getting in the way today!

First, the walk: I had to go pick up some bulletin boards I’d inquired about on Kijiji. The owner had wanted me to come pick them up, but without a car it was an impossible task. He emailed this morning, however, to say he was coming downtown and could I meet him at his designation for the hand-over. Though it all went smoothly, my get-to-work-by-9am plan fell flat.

Then, the secretary I’d been playing phone tag with at a local optometrist’s office called to let me know that they had an opening this morning.  Because I’m down to my last pair of contact lenses, I figured I would be foolish to turn her down.

So there goes the morning!

This afternoon, I’m booked to see a doctor (gotta see someone professional about an on-going ankle pain problem), then to see one of my academic committee members, and then to an acupuncture appointment (it was booked ages ago – but had I known the day would have so many other appointments in it, I would have rebooked it!).

How the heck am I supposed to get any work done when taking care of myself is a full-time job?

Still – using the My Tomatoes program, I will try to squeeze a few good work sessions into the spaces between things. I’ll probably have to extend my work period into this evening to make up for not getting enough done during the day. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! (just for the record, I am not one of those people who can work all night long — for me, I’d way rather get up and work at 6am then to say up til 3am…my writing brain is no good in the wee hours).

I guess I’ll leave it there. May your days be busy and productive!

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