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hi again-Meredith here.

Boy-oh-boy, I hate editing. I know it’s not the right attitude, but I often like to dash things off quickly and without dwelling on them — I find my writing is usually lighter and more effective. Sometimes when I take too long to write something, it ends up feeling laboured and heavy (and, often, not as interesting).

Regular readers will know that I have been trying to get this last paper of mine cranked out. I swear, I am on draft #8, which is making me just a little bit crazy. That said, I’ve made good progress this week, spending solid hours here at Douglas Library (the top floor reading room, should any of you be looking for me and/or a quiet place to get some serious work done).

I am actually spending today editing the paper, which I more-or-less finished yesterday. I promised my supervisor I would get her something today, and I really want to deliver on that. I am actually fairly pleased to report that upon re-reading it, I actually hate it LESS than I expected to. Good news, no? There are actually some bits where I’ve actually found myself thinking “yes! That’s really not so terrible, actually!”

Heck, maybe I’m even learning a lesson or two about taking some distance from my work before writing it off completely!

It’s friday: I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t have any major plans for the weekend. I might check out some of the Kingston Writer’s Festival which is bringing some major names to town (Paul Auster, Romeo Dallaire, Elizabeth Hay, and Richard Gwyn, among many many others).

I will also go see a friend perform with her singing/drumming group, Shii Drums. They’re doing an ‘Equinox ceremony’ tonight that should be interesting — you can get tickets at the door.

Other than that, I figure I’ll be writing/editing this weekend, hopefully seeing some friends, and generally trying to enjoy these last few beautiful summer-like (I know, I know – it’s technically fall now, but I love summer so much that I hold on to what little bit I can get) days.

Speaking of which, I took a stroll down to the water yesterday afternoon and it was AMAZING — tiny while sailboats were bobbing along, birds were flying overhead, and the breezes off the lake were lovely. If you’re living in Kingston but haven’t yet spent any serious time down by the water, then you are missing out!  One of the perks of being here is the amazing access to water and green space — so I’ll leave you with this: get thee outside this weekend (even if it rains! which it might! but that’s ok!).

bye for now…

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