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Seeing the Light (the end is in sight!)

hi again – Meredith here.

Well: I’ve got good news. I think I’m actually going to be able to defend my thesis in time to be able to convocate this fall. But earlier this morning, I was having my doubts.

That’s because my supervisor emailed me enthusiastically early this morning to say “Meredith – we’ve found a date when the entire committee can meet to hold your defense. Please set aside Friday, October 14 at 2:30pm.

My heart sunk.

October 14? At 2:30pm?

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be that bothered by the date and time — but I had some trepidation about the selection of 2:30pm on October 14.

That’s because the School of Graduate Studies recently changed the date for applying to graduate (as it were, “on time”). While everything had originally had to be defended and uploaded to Q-Space (the electronic repository for all defended academic work) by September 30th in order to be included in the fall convocation, that deadline was recently extended.

To October 14.

At 3pm.

Now, it’s not a HUGE deal not to meet that deadline – it merely means that you can’t participate in fall convocation, and that instead you would officially graduate in the spring.

And after it was clear that I wasn’t going to make the September 30 deadline, I was prepared for that to be the case. When they extended the deadline, however, I knew I’d been given a gift.

Though I’m not a huge one for ceremony, there was definitely part of me that had been feeling sad about the idea of not graduating with my cohort. After all – I’m part of the first batch of Cultural Studies students that Queen’s has ever produced!

But then to miss the chance, after everything, by a FEW SHORT HOURS (a defense usually takes an hour or two, and then there is paper work to be done) would be tragic, indeed.

That’s why I am very pleased to let you know that my committee has found a new date for my defense: October 13! That’s right… I think I’m going to be able to make it happen. Assuming they pass me, I should be able to get all the changes made and paperwork completed in order to meet the October 14-at-2:30-pm deadline!

I’m a little nervous, of course, and I’ve still got a million little edits to fix and citations to check before things are ready to go, but there is a definite end in sight. And I’m keeping my eyes fixed there for the next couple of weeks…

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