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hi all. Meredith here again. It’s a grey, windy day in Kingston, but I’ve got my balcony door open… taking in the last of the summer-scented breezes while I can.

It’s Friday.. and man-oh-man, does it ever feel like Friday! I have had QUITE the week. As you know from my last post, my committee settled on a defence date for me: October 13, at 9am. What I hadn’t quite realized, however, is that in order to be adequately prepared for it, my committee was supposed to have my material (my last big paper) 10 ‘working days’ (ie. non-weekend days) before (and not including) the defence date.

um…. (here’s where you cue the soundtrack music, which starts calmly but starts to build ever so steadily).

I got that news on Wednesday – realizing, of course, that to make it work, I would have had to travel back in time to get everything handed in (the Thanksgiving weekend adds one extra non-working day). Instead of panicking, I spend the entire afternoon yesterday moving periods and italicizing titles in my paper, got three copies of the paper printed off, and had everything delivered to my committee members’ respective mailboxes by 4:30pm yesterday.


Of course, this paper could probably be better. I may have missed fixing a period, and there’s a chance some of my citations are a little wonky — but the point is, I got something handed in (and even surprised myself by having it come out at 58 pages!).

After spending ages working on one thing (I’ve written more drafts of this paper than I care to acknowledge), it’s a weird feeling to hand it over.  There does come a point, however, when (no matter how imperfect you think the beast still is), you have to accept that while what you’ve written isn’t perfect, it’s definitely good enough. I’m quite certain that my paper is good enough (though just to be sure, I had a friend proof read it for me, and he told me it was ‘great’, so that was a help!). And at this point in the game, good enough is all you really need.

It’s funny how we can obsess over our work. I have been running into a one particular friend a lot lately who has been obsessing over her thesis proposal. She has been writing and re-writing her paper for so long that I think it’s slowly making her crazy. It’s definitely interesting being on the outside looking in on that one: I keep saying to her, just get SOMETHING written and handed in.. it will be good enough. But she still doesn’t trust herself, feeling compelled instead to write and re-write and worry her words until she’s ready to let them go. It really is a process.

If any of you are looking for something to do this weekend, here’s a suggestion for Saturday: the Cultural Studies department is holding its first ever graduate student symposium. Called ‘Undisciplined’, it’s happening all day, from 8:30 – 5pm, and there will be all sorts of interesting talks throughout the day.

Here’s a link that will provide more information, including a complete schedule: http://undisciplined2011.wordpress.com/

Happy weekending to you all!

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