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Farewell 2012

Welcome, everyone, to our last post of the year! We’ll be back in 2013 bright eyed and bushy tailed, like so many scholarly squirrels…(?) By that time, our own Megan Bond, who is just about to submit her Master’s project, will officially no longer be a grad student. She’ll be bringing you updates “from the other side,” so to speak, chronicling her adventures back in the working world.

We want the Winter semester to be chock full of guest posts from those in the Queen’s community. Not just from clubs and societies, but also from individuals who want to write about their experiences at Queen’s. We welcome reporting or reflection (and promotion!) of events and issues that enrich and affect your life as a grad student academically, socially, or professionally. This could be anything from a piece about the Project RED fashion Show, to a review of a Pride Week poetry slam, to a “what I would have done differently” recap of your thesis defense, to your experience as a grad student raising a family. So get in touch with us at gradify@queensu.ca and we’ll be happy to work with you on getting your post up on the blog.

And now we leave you with best wishes for the bright end of a busy semester and a relaxing Winter break. Atif had the excellent idea to remind ourselves of the things for which we’re grateful as the Fall term comes to a close, by offering a list of three things we’re each thankful for having in our lives:

Atif’s list includes GIFs, coffee, and Songza. Vintage Atif.

Megan is also grateful for coffee (but prefers hers black), long runs (and physio for getting her back on her feet), and the light at the end of the tunnel.

And me? Jillian Michaels workout DVDs, red wine (coffee is a close second), and having made it through the semester without any bones exiting my body, or being similarly grievously injured (you inspired me, Atif).

Here’s Megan and I wishing you a happy break from our respective locations. Atif is most likely still in the process of making a holiday GIF of himself.

Only missing an elf hat…

Chimay has an antler chew toy...I think she ate rudolph.

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One comment on “Farewell 2012
  1. Colette says:

    Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy the break, you all deserve it.
    I would like to thank our bloggers of 2012 and welcome (as do they) comments, posts etc from you all in 2013.

    ps: Megan, congrats and I have an elf hat if you need one!

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