University applies for “No Board” in negotiations with QUFA

Contract talks between the university and the Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA) entered the next phase of negotiations today, July 25, as the university requested a “No Board” report from the Ministry of Labour.

The request signals an end to the conciliation phase of the negotiations, which began in late June , and is the first step in moving towards a strike/lock-out deadline. Either side must wait until the 17th day from the date of the “No Board” report before beginning a strike or lock-out. A “No Board” report is usually issued within a week of the application.

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One thought on “University applies for “No Board” in negotiations with QUFA

  1. Jacob

    With Queen’s Maclean’s ranking and reputation steadily slipping in the past few years, and given the experience of the strike at York, wouldn’t it make some sense to submit to binding arbitration?


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