“No board” report issued in Queen’s-QUFA negotiations

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour has advised Queen’s that a “no-board” report was issued Friday July 29.

This means QUFA will be in a legal strike position, and the university will be in a legal lockout position at 12:01 am on Monday August 15, which is the 17th day after the date of the “no-board.” The QUFA contract expired April 30, 2011 and negotiations on a new agreement have been underway since January.

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One thought on ““No board” report issued in Queen’s-QUFA negotiations

  1. Grad Student

    Associate V-P Dan Bradshaw is quoted as saying: “The university respects the collective bargaining process and we are entering mediation looking to reach a negotiated settlement with QUFA.” I’m sorry, but I don’t believe this. If the administration is so keen to settle with QUFA and CUPE, why did they apply for no-board in both cases? Why is the university imposing its pension ideas on faculty and staff? Why are they in such a rush? Could it be that the administration is more interested in getting rid of the deficit than in bargaining in good faith? Is the administration more concerned about the deficit than in what’s best for the university as a whole? In the infamous leaked letter, Woolf sounds more like the CEO of a corporation than the principal of a learning institution. I have no faith in this administration, and I despair of the harm that they are doing to Queen’s (and what they will do in the future).


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