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Graduate research assistant union certification application update

Ballots remain sequestered following a vote on an application by the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) for trade union certification to represent graduate research assistants at the university. The vote was conducted by the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) in April 2014.  In October 2014, the OLRB mandated the process the university and PSAC would be required to follow to determine which of those who cast ballots had the status of employees at the time the vote was held and would therefore be eligible to be members of the bargaining unit. Ballots will remain sequestered until the OLRB can determine the eligibility of each voter.

Under the direction of the OLRB, the parties will continue to consider the names of voters, in groups of 10, to determine their eligibility. Since October 2014, decisions have been made on the status of 10 voters pursuant to this process.

The university recognizes the democratic right of employees to vote on whether or not to become members of a bargaining unit and looks forward to the OLRB’s determination of which voters are eligible so that ballots can be counted and a decision reached on PSAC’s application for certification.

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Conciliation dates set for CUPE negotiations

Conciliation dates have been finalized between the university and Queen’s employee groups represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) in their negotiations toward a new collective agreement.

Conciliation talks will occur:

  • March 31 between the university and CUPE 1302.
  • April 1 between the university and CUPE 254.
  • April 7 between the university and CUPE 229.

During conciliation, which is a common occurrence during collective bargaining, a provincially appointed conciliation officer will assist the university and the various employee groups as they work through the outstanding issues.

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CUPE, university agree to conciliation

The university and Queen’s employee groups represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) have both agreed to conciliation in order to reach a new collective agreement. In conciliation, the parties are assisted by a provincially appointed conciliation officer as they work through outstanding issues. Conciliation dates have yet to be confirmed. The university administration respects the collective bargaining process and remains committed to working through it to reach a negotiated settlement.

Negotiations toward a new collective agreement between the university and the Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA) also commenced with an initial meeting on Jan. 20.

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