2015-02-18 Terrace of dreams

The terrace on the second floor of Stauffer Library, adjacent to the Alan G. Green Fireplace Reading Room, was originally meant to be open public space. In planning for the building, there were thoughts that it could be a sculpture garden or some other form of community space, however it is not currently accessible and needs a number of changes to enable public use. As part of its LAMP vision, the Library wants to do just that – enable public use – and wants to hear ideas from the Queen’s community. A series of focus groups are being held in early March; for further information see the Queen’s Gazette story, Terrace of dreams.

2015-02-09 Law Library project

The Lederman Law Library is noted in LAMP as “an essential laboratory for legal research and a valued place for study, providing the critical staff and collection resources to support its curriculum and scholarly research.” LAMP recommended that this library be renovated to improve its top two floors and to make the lower level available to the Faculty of Law. When the Faculty expressed keen interest in this opportunity, the Library made the project a top priority for LAMP implementation.

Concept drawings have been prepared and are available for view:

The goal of this renovation, to take place this summer, is to improve study and service spaces for students, and to care for print collections. High-use or core print-only journals will remain in the law library and will move to the main floor. Other journals, now available online, will move to the library’s existing storage space in the basement of Stauffer Library. Extremely low-use print journals are destined for remote storage.

Highlights of the renovation project include:

  • Main floor: new open study space, study rooms, adaptive technology space and a new washroom.
  • Lower level: individual study space and additional meeting rooms for law students.
  • Air conditioning and enhanced ventilation to accommodate increased capacity.
  • Larger and improved space for graduate students.
  • Improved lighting and light flow.
  • Improved accessibility.

The project will also include a new bannister for the third floor of the Lederman Law Library, which was the graduating gift of the class of Law’14.

Law library staff will begin moving many of the journals destined for storage during reading week, Tuesday, Feb. 17-Friday, Feb. 20. The law library aims to have all of the material relocated from the first floor by the end of April 2015 so that construction can occur over the summer.

The main and upper floor of the Lederman Law Library should remain quiet during the move for students who want to study in the facility over reading week. All other campus libraries also remain open during reading week. If students can’t find material they require while materials are being moved, Lederman Law Library staff would be happy to provide assistance.

A story on the project appears in today’s Gazette.


2015-01-09 Winter 2015 Update

As planned, the Library now has a project manager on contract, primarily to support implementation of LAMP recommendations. Joe Davis started in mid-November and has been scoping out a number of priorities from those listed in the update for the Campus Planning Advisory Committee in the Fall. The current priorities, for 2015, are:

  • Collections: A project group is working on the details of the new collection paradigm envisioned in LAMP, including consulting stakeholders and determining variations in approach by discipline.
  • Law Library: In collaboration with the Faculty of Law, the renovations envisioned in LAMP are being planned for the summer of 2015.
  • Stauffer Terrace and Library Square: Possibilities are being explored for opening access to the terrace beside the Fireplace Reading Room, on the second floor of Stauffer Library, and for developing the Library Square concept on the street level below.
  • Music: Planning for the move of Music from the Jordan Special Collections and Music Library will begin with Music faculty and students and other stakeholders being engaged in developing specific requirements for Music collections, learning spaces and services in Stauffer Library.

Watch for periodic updates here!



2014-10-18 Homecoming at Library Square

Queen’s alum and other passersby were treated to free coffee and library-themed cupcakes outside Stauffer Library today, and a place to mingle. The bistro tables and chairs gave a taste for the potential of the ‘Library Square’ envisioned in the Library and Archives Master Plan and the Campus Master Plan. The area was set up similarly on Thursday as well, just to see what would happen on a normal day without a special event.  What happened was that people used it — to study, to chat with friends, and in some cases just to rest as they were walking by.  People were excited:

  • “It feels so urban!”
  • “This should always be here!”
  • “It’s about time this happened.”
  • “It transforms the whole campus.”

Thanks to the City of Kingston for lending us some of their tables and chairs from Market Square!

Library Square 2014-11-16 big





2014-10-07 What’s it all about?

Distilling the concepts of LAMP into a few pithy points is something done in presentations to various groups. Here are the main elements, drawn from those presentations:


  • The Library and Archives Master Plan outlines a planning framework that envisions over the next twenty years a transformed Library system at Queen’s, built upon its solid foundation of superb services, collections and spaces.
  • It includes building-specific high level plans for the first five years of this twenty-year framework.
  • The framework recommends realistic, fiscally sound strategies that leverage and intensify the use of existing facilities.

Key Elements of the Plan

  • Substantial increase in the amount and range of learning space in existing libraries.
  • Re-envisioned collections paradigm, including preservation storage, to improve stewardship of research collections.
  • Closure of Kathleen Ryan Hall, as an inadequate building for the Archives.
  • Transformation of Douglas Library, where the Archives will be joined with Special Collections in a research facility that includes new opportunities for partnerships and community engagement as well as expanded study areas.
  • Enhancement of Stauffer Library to significantly expand learning services and study spaces, as well as outreach to the community.
  • Improvements to existing libraries in faculty buildings, with enhanced learning and study space, more robust technology and upgrades to infrastructure where required.
  • Creation of new small clusters of study spaces distributed in various key campus locations, connected virtually as the Library Information Network at Queen’s (LINQ).
  • Creation of Library Square, community gathering space at the academic crossroads of the campus, with Stauffer Library on one corner and Douglas Library on the other corner, at the intersection of Union and University.


  • The Library and Archives Master Plan is a high-level framework that will be operationalized through Queen’s ongoing planning processes.
  • Capital proposals will be advanced when funding for renovations has been identified.


Student Learning Experience

  • Substantially increase the amount of learning space in existing libraries, including numerous group study rooms and dedicated graduate student space, and expand exhibition, gallery and community gathering space.
  • Develop a network of inviting places for study, interactive learning and innovation, distributed in various key locations across campus and linked to information services and resources.
  • Improve accessibility in every library.

 Research Prominence

  • Enhance research opportunities and community engagement with the creation of inviting, technology-enabled, interdisciplinary spaces.
  • Solve the severe preservation and access issues of the Archives and the Jordan Special Collections and Music Library, where researchers rely upon irreplaceable resources such as the private papers of key figures across the disciplines, historic records, unique collections and rare books.
  • Support researchers’ use of the Library and Archives entire collection, through a re-envisioned paradigm of enhanced access, presentation, and preservation, to provide the best stewardship of resources and sound guidelines for converting portions of stack space to other vital uses.

Financial Sustainability

  • Reduce overall Library and Archives space by 10%, primarily by relocating the Archives from Kathleen Ryan Hall.
  • Reinvest strategically in remaining facilities to increase their operational efficacy and life span.
  • Intensify the use of Douglas Library and Stauffer Library, prime sites in the centre of campus.
  • Repurpose existing spaces to accommodate new pedagogy and learning needs.
  • Provide a redevelopment opportunity at Kathleen Ryan Hall, which is adjacent to one of the few potential building sites on campus.


  • Funding for renovations will be sought primarily through fundraising. The Library and Archives Master Plan aligns with the priorities of the Initiative Campaign.

For full details, see Library and Archives Master Plan, September 2013,


2014-09-02 Fall 2014

Behind the scenes, LAMP is providing the intended framework for priorities in the Library and Archives. An update for the Campus Planning Advisory Committee outlines a number of initiatives, including several ways we’re drawing upon that framework:

  • LAMP Collections project to apply the new collections paradigm envisioned in LAMP, including preparations for a collaborative print storage partnership at Downsview with the University of Toronto, McMaster University, Western University and the University of Ottawa.
  • Law Library project to prepare for implementation of LAMP plans for transformation of the lower level into student learning space.
  • Engineering & Science (Douglas Library) project to reduce the physical footprint of reference books and current periodicals, highlight key resources and services, and create new user spaces, demonstrating the vision of LAMP and preparing for further renovations.
  • Public Services Renewal project to develop a new model for operating the service points across all the physical locations of the Library and Archives.
  • Initial discussions with several scholars about steps towards development of the Centre for Digital and Print Culture.

The advisory committee is in formation. Stay tuned for more updates this Fall!

2013-10-29 Senate

The Library and Archives Master Plan was presented to Senate today for information and comment. The questions related to design elements and measures to be taken to retain study spaces and limit noise during renovations. A student Senator expressed strong support for the Plan. There were no questions or comments that indicated a need for revisions to the concepts or documents. The next step is presentation to the Queen’s University Planning Committee, for recommendation to the Board of Trustees.