Summer 2015 Update

Here is the latest update for the Campus Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC). Some of the current priorities include:

  • Accessibility: This is being addressed in the Stauffer Terrace design to provide completely barrier-free access to this space. Renovations in the Law Library include rooms specifically designed to support individuals with disabilities as well as a new accessible washroom on the main floor.
  • Collections: A project team has been established with a mandate to draft the details of the new collections paradigm envisioned in LAMP, defining layers of access that include active physical collections in open stacks, improved stewardship of valuable materials and prudent use of off-site storage. User consultations are planned for Fall 2015.
  • Douglas Library: A project team, including representatives of the School of Music, has begun to discuss user requirements for Music collections and services to be relocated in Stauffer Library.

Please check back for periodic updates.

2015-01-09 Winter 2015 Update

As planned, the Library now has a project manager on contract, primarily to support implementation of LAMP recommendations. Joe Davis started in mid-November and has been scoping out a number of priorities from those listed in the update for the Campus Planning Advisory Committee in the Fall. The current priorities, for 2015, are:

  • Collections: A project group is working on the details of the new collection paradigm envisioned in LAMP, including consulting stakeholders and determining variations in approach by discipline.
  • Law Library: In collaboration with the Faculty of Law, the renovations envisioned in LAMP are being planned for the summer of 2015.
  • Stauffer Terrace and Library Square: Possibilities are being explored for opening access to the terrace beside the Fireplace Reading Room, on the second floor of Stauffer Library, and for developing the Library Square concept on the street level below.
  • Music: Planning for the move of Music from the Jordan Special Collections and Music Library will begin with Music faculty and students and other stakeholders being engaged in developing specific requirements for Music collections, learning spaces and services in Stauffer Library.

Watch for periodic updates here!



2014-09-02 Fall 2014

Behind the scenes, LAMP is providing the intended framework for priorities in the Library and Archives. An update for the Campus Planning Advisory Committee outlines a number of initiatives, including several ways we’re drawing upon that framework:

  • LAMP Collections project to apply the new collections paradigm envisioned in LAMP, including preparations for a collaborative print storage partnership at Downsview with the University of Toronto, McMaster University, Western University and the University of Ottawa.
  • Law Library project to prepare for implementation of LAMP plans for transformation of the lower level into student learning space.
  • Engineering & Science (Douglas Library) project to reduce the physical footprint of reference books and current periodicals, highlight key resources and services, and create new user spaces, demonstrating the vision of LAMP and preparing for further renovations.
  • Public Services Renewal project to develop a new model for operating the service points across all the physical locations of the Library and Archives.
  • Initial discussions with several scholars about steps towards development of the Centre for Digital and Print Culture.

The advisory committee is in formation. Stay tuned for more updates this Fall!

2013-10-29 Senate

The Library and Archives Master Plan was presented to Senate today for information and comment. The questions related to design elements and measures to be taken to retain study spaces and limit noise during renovations. A student Senator expressed strong support for the Plan. There were no questions or comments that indicated a need for revisions to the concepts or documents. The next step is presentation to the Queen’s University Planning Committee, for recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

What do you think of the Library and Archives Master Plan?

In 2012-13, the LAMP project progressed through the phases of discovery, analysis and exploration, and the final stage of reporting was completed over the summer. As we start the 2013-14 academic year, the LAMP Steering Group is pleased to share the Library and Archives Master Plan with the Queen’s community, and welcomes your feedback. (The file is large, so while it downloads you may want to read the Executive Summary.)

LAMP is being presented to various groups for information and comment this Fall, including Senate in October. Recommendations will go to the Board in December.



2013-09-09 QUPC

The Queen’s University Planning Committee (QUPC) received a status report on the Library and Archives Master Plan today, for information and comment. The full LAMP report is in production and will be posted in the week of September 23rd. The LAMP Steering Group will continue its listening as the Queen’s community reviews the Plan. The Plan will be submitted to the QUPC in November for recommendation to the Board in December.


2013-07-03 Phase 3

The LAMP Steering Group met today with our consultants to begin wrapping up Phase 3 of the planning process – proposed recommendations. This follows on Phase 1, the discovery and analysis begun last November, and Phase 2, the exploration that occurred throughout the spring. A full report will be prepared this summer, for review by the community this coming fall.