Stauffer and Douglas Library Sub-projects

With students taking full advantage of every inch of space in our libraries in these early days of December, it was rewarding to begin reviewing opportunities for the Stauffer and Douglas Library LAMP sub-projects with CS&P Architects Inc. in November.

The projects will look at:

  • Stauffer Library service point and adjacent staff area
  • The lower level of Stauffer as it pertains to the opportunities provided by the 2016 move of ITServices to MacCorry
  • The second level of Stauffer to incorporate Music
  • The sixth level of Douglas Library where W.D. Jordan Library is located
  • The entry level of Douglas.

CS&P Architects has made two site visits and met with stakeholders to gather information in December and obtain feedback on their initial design concepts. Further stakeholder meetings were held on February 2nd, and included reminders of the high level LAMP concepts for the two libraries.

Layer of Access Core Criteria for Bound Journals

The Library Leadership Team has reviewed the Library’s Layer of Access Core Criteria for bound journals and the Library is now sharing with advisory groups and poised to implement the layers of access to bound journals that have perpetual assess.  A new Information Resources Working Group will oversee the implementation of this work. The LAMP Collections project group is wrapping up, having completed its role in developing a layered approach to print collections access.


The Library and Archives Master Plan recommended the addition of smaller clusters of Library study space. This new concept of library space was called a Library Information Network at Queen’s (LINQ).

We have developed a set of principles for the development and operations of LAMP LINQs based on strategic priorities, and from stakeholders. Designs for a LINQ site on the first floor of Watson Hall have been drawn up.

Music collection move

The project team, which comprises Library staff and faculty members has met monthly from April to December and completed the tasks needed to prepare for the move to Stauffer Library from Jordon Library.

They team established the requirements that would need to be in place at Stauffer to ensure a smooth transition. The final task for their consideration is to provide feedback on the design concepts at Stauffer Library.

The Tree Lighting program

The Tree lighting program will provide lighting on the trees in front of Stauffer Library on both Union Street and University Avenue, with flood lights in the warmer months and seasonal lighting in the winter months.

The designs were approved last fall, and we are looking to secure a funder to complete this work.

Law Library renovations

The Lederman Law Library was the first library to test the layers of access principle in redefining the collection to optimize the use of space. Library space was also repurposed to provide additional study rooms on the first floor of the library.

The second phase of this work will see the entrance to the library being renovated to provide a more convenient accessible entrance into the library and a newer set of security gates along with an upgraded HVAC system.


2015-06-22 Service Point Development

Queen’s University Library (QUL) initiated the Public Services Renewal Project (PSR) to develop a new model for delivering expert library and archival support and assistance for the 21st century learner and researcher. The final report recommends shifts in how QUL service points are configured, managed and staffed, and how they make use of technology.

This project team focuses on implementing the recommendations of the Public Service Renewal (PSR) final report in alignment with LAMP recommendations, at each of the service points within Queen’s libraries. The team will also work with stakeholders to standardize the customer experience at each service point and develop training protocols for front line staff.

2015-06-19 Law Library Update

The Lederman Law Library will be condensed from three floors to two. The lower level of the library space will be designated for the Faculty of Law for additional study space and group meeting rooms. The law journals have been assessed and those that have limited use will be stored at Stauffer Library, and those that are low demand will be stored off site. Users may also continue to access both categories of journals through the interlibrary loan system. This move of the journals began during reading week and was completed in May, with renovations beginning in early July.

2015-06-16 Pedestrian-related improvements at Library Square

At the June 16, 2015 City of Kingston council meeting, a report was presented to council examining the feasibility of a pedestrian “scramble” crossing at the intersection of University and Union, a key crossing point at Queen’s and a gateway to campus.

Council unanimously approved the installation of the scramble, and the changes are targeted to be in place for September. The planned improvements at the Library Square intersection include audible signals, a right-turn-on red ban and thermoplastic “brick pavers” crosswalk markings. These changes prioritize pedestrian movement, accessibility and safety at the intersection.

Please see The Report of the President and CEO of Utilities Kingston for more information on the recommendations, and see the Library and Archives Master Plan for a vision of the Queen’s Library and Archives of the present and the future.