Implementation Advisory Group

The Library and Archives Master Plan (LAMP) was approved by Queen’s Board of Trustees in December 2013.  LAMP provides a framework that will guide the evolution of the Library and Archives facilities and services over the next twenty years, and includes high-level plans for changes that could be implemented within five years, with sufficient capital investment. The LAMP Steering Group played a key role in ensuring Queen’s community engagement in the development of the plan, and it was agreed that a similar body should be formed to help guide implementation.


  1. Promote the engagement of Queen’s communities in LAMP and its implementation.
  2. Provide feedback and advice regarding the implementation of specific aspects of LAMP and related funding opportunities.
  3. Engage with Advancement representatives and the Initiative Campaign cabinet in the development of fundraising plans.
  4. Assist in the preparation of periodic implementation updates to the Senate Library Committee and the Campus Planning Advisory Committee.


The committee is advisory to the Vice-Provost and University Librarian, who reports to the Provost.


  • AMS representative (one-year term) – Colin Zarzour
  • SGPS representative (one-year term) – Lorne Beswick
  • Senate Library Committee Chair – Shelley King
  • Curator of Special Collections – Alvan Bregman
  • University Archivist – Paul Banfield
  • Archivist (two-year term) – Jeremy Heil
  • Librarian (two-year term) – Gillian Akenson
  • Library Technician (two-year term) – Patrick Patterson
  • Library Business Officer – Nancy Petri
  • Library Communications Coordinator – TBA
  • Advancement representative – Leigh Kalin
  • Campus Planning Director – Yvonne Holland
  • Vice-Provost and University Librarian (Chair) – Martha Whitehead

These terms of reference will be reviewed annually.