Students and the Canadian Public Service: An Opportunity knocks!

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I don’t usually use this blog to endorse any particular activities – there is so much going on at Queen’s, I could hardly do it all justice.

However, in light of Queen’s long tradition of public service and our close connections with the Canadian Public Service in particular, I wanted to bring a really neat opportunity to the attention of students.

The federal government is recruiting right now for its next Student Ambassador at Queen’s.

It’s a part-time job for a full-time student who will raise awareness among peers of the breadth of the employment opportunities available within the federal public service and help fellow students apply for these positions.

I recently met with this year’s Student Ambassador, Alexandra Petre, who is more than enthusiastic about the role. I had also met with her immediate predecessor, Xiren Wang, who shared Alex’s enthusiasm. Alex is one of only three students in the country who work on their campuses to spread the word about the value and role of public servants and the impact of their work on the lives of Canadians.

Alex runs workshops and information sessions about how to apply to federal summer job programs and what the government is looking for in new recruits. She holds weekly office hours (in the 3rd floor lounge of Career Services, Gordon Hall, every Wednesday from 1-3pm) and gives advice on job searches, resumes and cover letters. You can follow her on Twitter (@Queens2gov) and Facebook (GCAmbassador Queen’s).

Alex is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Studies this spring and she will be working at the Canadian Embassy in Washington for the summer. She told me her role as Student Ambassador made her resume stand out among potential employers.

She says the position provides exciting opportunities for the student in the job to have regular interactions with senior public servants, including key members of the Treasury Board Secretariat and the Chief Human Resources Officer, and gives the student a valuable perspective on how the federal government works.

Queen’s is lucky to have had this program in place for the past three years.  I encourage interested students to check out this job opportunity. It has just been posted to Alex’s Facebook page and the deadline to apply is March 16th by midnight.

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