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I read with interest the editorial written by the outgoing AMS Executive in today’s Queen’s Journal. Let me begin by saying that I, along with other members of the Queen’s administration have worked collaboratively with the AMS executive on many initiatives over the past year.  It has been a relationship based on respect and working towards shared goals.

I recognize the importance of dialogue and debate and the value of student voice on matters affecting our community. However, I find some assertions in the editorial misleading.

Last year the Coroner recommended we look at our alcohol and non-academic student discipline policies. Ignoring the Coroner’s recommendations that we examine those policies was, and is, not an option.

Two committees, both of which include students, are actively engaged in reviewing the policies, and all views are being considered in any recommendations for changes. While much work has been done, no final decisions have been made on either policy, nor will any decision be finalized over the summer, with students absent, as is suggested in the editorial.

This has been a year of change and growth for us as a community and I will continue  to work cooperatively with student leaders to address the challenges, on these and other issues, that still lie ahead. I have a scheduled dinner with the executive on Monday and I look forward to further conversation.

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