2012 – 2017 Strategic Research Plan for Queen’s University

2012 – 2017 Strategic Research Plan

Queen’s University stands unique amongst its peers. For over 170 years, Queen’s has been a leader in higher education, as well as in shaping Canada’s future. Queen’s ranks amongst the top ten research-intensive universities in Canada, and does so as a mid-sized residential university, with a strong sense of community and purpose. At the core of its success is Queen’s commitment to research excellence, and an inextricable link that binds teaching and research, with the common fundamental thread of learning.

The Queen’s Strategic Research Plan (SRP) is a component of broader integrated planning and represents a subset of the overarching Academic Plan. The guiding principles that shape the priorities, investments and support for research undertaken at Queen’s University reflect our academic mission as a research-intensive university with a transformative student experience.  Queen’s values and promotes research and scholarly excellence in all fields of enquiry, and is sought in individual, interdisciplinary and collaborative research.

Queen’s will continue to distinguish itself as one of the most research-intensive institutions within Canada, with a continued focus on excellence, research leadership and impact at a national and international level. Queen’s international reputation will be enhanced through increasing global engagement by developing and expanding international research collaborations, building sustained multinational partnerships, and understanding and addressing global challenges through international development projects.

Queen’s greatest strength is the people who contribute to research and scholarly activities. Our researchers and scholars achieve national and international acclaim and recognition for their work, and we will continue to recognize and promote their research excellence and leadership. They lead in their fields and disciplines, and they lead through their ability to bring together groups across disciplines to work in interdisciplinary and collaborative initiatives. These initiatives form the basis of our Research Centres and Institutes, which reflect our University’s emerging and existing strengths. Our research is enhanced by the extensive range of available infrastructure and specialized facilities. Some of these facilities form the basis of national and international platforms and others provide unique opportunities to our students, post-doctoral researchers, and visiting researchers and scholars. The University will foster the development of coordinated and collaborative management systems, along with the Faculties, to ensure the sustainability of our research infrastructure both on and off campus.

The SRP serves as a roadmap for the next five years, setting the vision for guiding and supporting research excellence, as well as for strengthening Queen’s position as a top research-intensive institution, while advancing our international reputation.  Part 1 of the Plan, Guiding and Supporting the Research Enterprise, outlines the support mechanisms, structures and resources needed to facilitate Queen’s continued success.  We will be guided in a transparent and open manner by the appropriate use of metrics and measures of our progress and successes.  The Thematic Focus of the plan (Part 2) outliines four major research themes.

  1. Exploring Human Dimensions
  2. Understanding and Sustaining the Environment and Energy Systems
  3. Creating, Discovering and Innovating
  4. Securing Safe and Successful Societies

This section serves a number of purposes, including requirements in support of the Canada Research Chair and Canada Foundation for Innovation programs. It encapsulates our research mission, framework of planning, and our focus on research excellence. Queen’s recognizes the underlying value of ongoing support of individual scholarship and also recognizes the potential of individual and team researchers from across disciplines working together to address the complex and diverse problems faced by society today.

Our focus is shaped by research clusters reflecting emerging and core strengths as  demonstrated by research leadership and international reputation. We will seek to build on investments, including infrastructure, and to further develop emerging areas of strength across the spectrum of disciplines. Innovation will reflect the success of our academic programs, quality of our research and international reputation fuelled by discovery, new ideas and insights, creative works and methods, commercialization outcomes, and knowledge translation, where the outcomes of our research can benefit society broadly, whether directly or indirectly.

The Queen’s Strategic Research Plan reflects the University’s response and commitment to finding our balance in a shifting landscape. This document establishes a vision for the future that will guide Queen’s through the next five years.

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