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This interactive web forum is designed to facilitate transparent discussion of Strategic Research Planning issues on campus.  It allows for the Office of the Vice-Principal (Research) to report on its progress and post ideas, questions, propositions, and drafts, and it likewise allows for all members of the Queen’s community to respond with ideas, comments, criticisms, and questions.  It will thus make it possible for all to monitor and contribute to the process as it unfolds over the next several months.

Contributors are asked to use their true names and e-mail addresses; comments will be automatically posted.  Private comments are also welcome. These comments will not be posted to the web site, but you can choose whether or not to identify yourself as the author. For this, please use the Private Comment Form.

All comments will be reviewed regularly by the site administrator; any that contain personal attacks or offensive language, or that raise concern regarding campus safety and security, will be removed.

The Office of the V-P (Research) will not respond directly to all comments; members of the V-P Research portfolio may respond as individuals without speaking for the portfolio as a body.  All postings should be considered as expressing the opinions of their contributors, not of the Office of the V-P (Research).

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