Research Community Committee

Name Position Department
Steven Liss
Vice-Principal (Research)
Committee Chair Office of the VP (Research)
Cynthia Fekken
Associate Vice-Principal (Research)
Member Office of the VP (Research)
Sonja Verbeek
Member Office of the VP (Research)
David Murakami Wood
Canada Research Chair Tier II (SSHRC) Sociology
Jean-Michel Nunzi
Canada Research Chair Tier I (NSERC) Physics/Chemistry
Ingrid Johnsrude
Canada Research Chair Tier II (CIHR) Neuroscience & Psychology
Keith Banting
Queen’s Research Chair Political Studies
Sharon Murphy
Graduate Students (PhD)
Mary Georgina Chaktsiris
Undergraduate Representative
Mira Dineen
VP University Affairs
Post-Doctoral Representative
Faculty Representation
John Fisher
Faculty of Health Sciences Physiology
Elizabeth VanDenKerkhof
Faculty of Health Sciences Anaesthesiology/Nursing
Derek Berg
John Kirby
Faculty of Education Education/Psychology
James McLellan
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences Chemical Engineering
Ugo Piomelli
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Kurt Kyser
Arts and Science Geology
Francois Rouget
Arts and Science French
Marta Straznicky
Arts and Science English
Glenn Willmott
Arts and Science English
Vacant Faculty of Law
Susan Brodt
School of Business
Staff Representation
Leone Ploeg
Staff Human Mobility Research Centre
Barbra Brousseau
Staff Fuel Cell Research Centre
Research Centre/Institute Directors
Ian Moore
Civil GeoEngineering Centre (university-based)
Jonathan Crush
Global Development Studies Southern African Research Centre (university-based)
Michael Green
Family Medicine Health Services and Policy Research (faculty-based)
Warren Mabee
School of Policy Studies/Geography Queen’s Institute for Energy and Environment Policy (faculty-based)

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