Third update from Steven Liss, Vice-Principal (Research), on the progress of the SRP Review

Third Update from Steven Liss, Vice-Principal (Research), on the Progress of the SRP Review

Members of the Queen’s Community:

In a few days I embark on a plane to Shanghai where I will begin a seven day visit to China along with Principal Daniel Woolf, Vice-Provost International John Dixon, and Bruce Stanley, Director, Bader International Study Centre.  While I am away, the Queen’s community will have the chance to review and comment on the Strategic Research Plan (SRP) (2012-2017) Part 1- Guiding and Supporting the Research Enterprise recently unveiled. I will have a chance to reflect on initial feedback from the Town Hall meeting being held today.

It has been a while since my last update to you on the status of the SRP. We have always maintained that the SRP should be informed by the academic planning process. The Academic Plan was approved in late November 2011. We have been respectful of the need to have sufficient discussion with the Research Community Committee, a remarkable and engaged group of researchers, students, and staff. I have worked closely with the Deans and Associate Deans, and have had discussions with a number of other stakeholders. I am confident of the path forward beginning with the first of a two part document with an emphasis on how we guide and support research.

The events of the past six months have been particularly informative. We are well on our way towards integrated planning across Queen’s, and we are beginning to bear the fruit of greater collaboration across administrative and academic units. I travelled to France, Germany and the UK where I met with organizations and partners we have been working with here at Queen’s reinforcing the importance of our global connections, and that our international reputation has never been more important. Meetings at the OECD in Paris provided insights and challenges associated with metrics and measurement of research and innovation.  I attended the Berlin 9 meeting in Washington, DC, with Martha Whitehead, our University Librarian, to gain a better perspective of Open Access and the future of publishing and the growing emphasis on data.

Advocacy on behalf of Queen’s and our researchers has been particularly crucial at this juncture, and as you are well aware there will be challenges arising from the forthcoming federal and provincial budgets. However, I am encouraged by the resiliency of the research community to continue to push the boundaries of excellence, and to seek out new opportunities where our research contributions are making a difference. I am also encouraged by the increasing support expressed by alumni in our research programs, and the growth of opportunities to expand our partnerships and collaborations within the region, nationally, and globally.

It is now time for the most important discussion to happen. I encourage you to get back to me with your feedback and suggestions you may have on how we can better support research at Queen’s. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Steven N. Liss

Professor & Vice-Principal (Research)

February 7, 2012

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