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Papers & Reports

In addition to the trends available on the previous page, below are selected papers addressing
issues with, or using, Canadian public opinion data.

Special issue of the Canadian Journal of Political Science, "Diversity and Democratic Politics," eds. Allison Harell, Stuart Soroka and Dietland Stolle, 2010 (Papers from the 2008 CORA-sponsored conference at Queen's University).

Focus Canada 2010 (Final Report), Environics Institute, 2010.

Understanding Polling Methodology, by Matthew Mendelsohn and Jason Brent, Isuma vol 2, no 3
(Autumn 2001).

Canadian's Thoughts on Their Health Care System: Preserving the Canadian Model Through Innovation
(for the Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada), by Matthew Mendelsohn (Queen's), 2002.

Public Attitudes Towards Multiculturalism and Bilingualism in Canada, conference presentation
by Donna Dasko (Senior VP, Environics), 2003.

Canadian Perceptions of the Health Care System (A Report to the Health Council of Canada),
by Stuart Soroka (McGill), 2007.