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Data Analysis

The page provides access to the main resource at CORA: direct online access to over 25 years of public opinion survey data, collected by major survey research firms in Canada. Here, we provide access to text searches for questions, as well as simple descriptive results (frequencies) from individual questions. These do not require password access - they are made available as a public service by CORA and our partners. (Note that access to trends based on these data are also available from the Trends page.)

Biviarate and multivariate analysis of the electronic databases is also available through the same interface. As of December 2008, this too will not require password access. Once you are looking at basic descriptives in the database, simply click on the Tabulate tab.

All CORA databases are held in a Nesstar system. Nesstar data are DDI-compatible -- the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) is an international effort to establish a standard for technical documentation describing social science data. Nesstar software also provides an interface through which users can search for datasets, or individual variables, get a variety of univariate and bivariate statistics, and conduct simple regressions.

Access CORA data directly, and/or conduct a search in Nesstar: Search for CORA (and other) data using the Odesi search engine: [beginning in December 2008]
Nesstar Odesi

Before You Search

There are two ways to search the CORA database:

1. The first is within Nesstar. This search can be difficult at first, but a brief introduction to this method is available in pdf here. More detailed information is also available in the help menu within Nesstar.

If you are having trouble searching for a question, please note that the Nesstar search engine will not search for a number of 'stopwords' - words which appear frequently, and thus tend not to be very useful in searches, such as 'and'. If your search includes one of these 'stopwords', Nesstar will simply report 'No Matches.' For a list of all the 'stopwords' in the Nesstar system, click here. Please be sure to NOT include any of these words in your search.

2. As of December 2008, you can also search all CORA holdings using the search engine at Odesi. This search engine is faster and more user-friendly. It also provides access to raw descriptive statistics, as in Nesstar The Odesi search engine allows users to search either just the CORA holdings, or all holdings available to Odesi, including Gallup data held at Carleton University and Ipsos-Reid data held at Laurier. Once you've found the CORA data you're looking for, Odesi will provide a link that directs you back to the CORA Nesstar database.

If you are outside Ontario, note that analysis of most Odesi data is available only to those at Ontario universities. Anyone can search for questions and look at raw frequencies, however. And analysis of all CORA data, even when searched for through Odesi, is freely available.