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Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity
Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity

Working Papers

The Centre maintains an e-text and web-based publications program to disseminate original research on issues of democracy and diversity and to support its public education function. To foster dialogue and awareness of research among scholars at Queen's and beyond, it publishes research presented at conferences or in invited lectures at the University, occasional papers commissioned for its research projects, and working papers submitted by associated faculty and researchers interested in securing comment on research in progress.


Working papers must be based on original empirical research or syntheses of existing empirical research and pass an initial process of peer assessment. Authors submitting papers to csd@queensu.ca should include a statement demonstrating their connection to the subjects of the Centre’s research.

2010: Closing the Implementation Gap
# Title Author/Editor Availability
79 Closing the Implementation Gap: Summary of Roundtables Aarts, Deborah and Julie Burch
78 Improving Capacity, Accountability, Performance and human Resource Quality in the Canadian and Ontario Public Service Axworthy, Thomas and Julie Burch
77 Comparative Analysis of Public Service Employee Surveys Burch, Julie and Thomas S. Axworthy
76 Recruiting the Best and Brightest for Employment in Canada's Public Sector Fisk, Glenda and Amie Skattebo
75 Reforming Federal Election Debates in Canada Rogers, Michelle
74 Human Resources in the Public Sector: The Quest to Make Government an Employer of Choice Winninger, Ben with Deborah Aarts and Julie Burch
2009: Creating an International Network of Democracy Builders
# Title Author/Editor Availability
73 The Power of the Diaspora: a Teaching Case on Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf's 2005 Presidential Victory in Liberia Ashford, Valerie
72 The Palestinian Territories: Optimism with Information / Democracy in the Islamic World Fogg, Nicholas with Ali Salam & Khalil Shikaki
71 The Republic of Costa Rica: A Case Study on the Process of Democracy Building Ordóñez Jaime, Diego Padilla, Timothy Andrews Sayle & Patricia DeGennaro
70 Liberia: Assessing the Conditions for Liberal Democracy in a Postconflict State Sayle, Timothy Andrew, Dangbe W. Sua, Darigbe LeRoy Sua, Thomas Weber, Sherman Tarnue, Valerie Ashford & Thomas S. Axworthy.
69 Creating an International Network of Democracy Builders: Overview Wong, Ging & Thomas Axworthy; Mathew Johnson
2008: Creating Democratic Value
# Title Author/Editor Availability
68 Equitable Access to the Canadian University and Quality: Can We Have Both?  Ashford, Valerie with Sarah Ward and Jason Alexander
67 Everything Old is New Again, Observations on Parliamentary Reform Axworthy, Thomas
66 Evaluating Efforts to Promote Democracy Abroad - Final Report Axworthy, Thomas (Ed.)
65 Building Bridges: A Case Study on the Indian Diaspora in Canada Bhargava, Kant and J.C. Sharma with Soodabeh Salehi, K.R.G Nair, Ambassador (ret'd) P.S. Sahai and Jane Dougan
64 Evaluating Efforts to Promote Democracy Abroad - Conference Notes Donovan, David 
63 Scan of Democracy Assistance Organizations and Their Evaluation Methods Donovan, David  
62 Assessing DFID Support to Public Administration Reform in Ghana Evans, Gordon  (763 KB)
61 Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Support for Civil Society in China  Gilley, Bruce, Rana Siu-Inboden, and Stephen Noakes (194 KB)
60 Applied Research on Support to Civil Society: An Overview Noakes, Stephen (154 KB)
59 What is Democratic Development? Perlin, George (116 KB)
58 Support to Civic Education in Ukraine Perlin, George (183 KB)
57 Assessing Human Rights and Rule of Law Assistance Programmes in Bosnia and Herzegovina Robinson, W.G. (145 KB)
56 Approaches to the Evaluation of International Democracy Assistance Wong, Ging (250 KB)
55 Electoral Politics and Political Party Strengthening in Mexico Wong, Ging, Sharon Lean, Thomas Legler, Lourdes Morales (176 KB)
2007: Immigration, Minorities and Multiculturalism in Democracies
# Title Author/Editor Availability
54 From Deportation to Apology: The Case of Maher Arar and the Canadian State Abu-Laban, Yasmeen and Nisha Nath
53 Diaspora Nationalism as a Social Movement: The Case of Crimean Tatar Communities in the USSR Aydin, Filiz Tutku
52 The Triumph of Ethnos Over Demos in the Nouvelle Droite’s Worldview Bar-On, Tamir
51 Policing Multicultural States: Lessons from the Canadian Model Ben-Porat, Guy
50 What it Means to Belong: Reframing “Accommodation” in a Multicultural Liberal Democracy Berns-McGown, Rima 
49 Being “Indigenous” in Indonesia and the Philippines: contradictions and pitfalls Bertrand, Jacques (101 KB)
48 Patterns of Substantive Representation Among Visible Minority MPs: Evidence from Canada’s House of Commons Bird, Karen (126 KB)
47 Reconciling Responsibilities Bloomfield, Alan (79 KB)
46 From sending to host societies: how Portugal integrates its minorities - the situation of Muslim immigrants Costa, Sandra Liliana (162 KB)
45 Immigration Regimes and Immigrant Conflict in Great Britain and Germany Dancygier, Rafaela (334 KB)
44 Adapting To Changing Context of Choice: The Nation-Building Strategies of Unrecognized Silesians and Rusyns Dembinska, Magdalena (425 KB)
43 Gender, Multiculturalism and Dialogue: the Case of Jewish Divorce Fishbayn, Lisa (244 KB)
42 J. G. Herder and the Politics of Difference Frazer, Michael L. (153 KB)
41 Multicultural Memories? Germans in Canada Since the Second World War Freund, Alexander (115 KB)
40 The Making of the Non-Citizen: From Subjects to Immigrants in the French-Algerian Transpolitical Space Ghabrial, Sarah (269 KB)
39 Explaining Multiculturalism Policy Development in Urban Canada: An Exploration of the Social Diversity Hypothesis Good, Kristin (183 KB)
38 Multiculturalism Policy and the Importance of Place: An Uneven Policy and Jurisdictional Landscape Good, Kristin (155 KB)
37 The Problematic of Democratizing a Multi-cultural Society: The Ethiopian Experience Gudina, Merera (133 KB)
36 The Hijab and the Republic: Can French republicanism be hospitable to ethnic differences? Guérard de Latour, Sophie (106 KB)
35 An Inconvenient Obligation: How Governments Justify the Restriction of Asylum Seekers in Canada and Australia Hall, David (115 KB)
34 Accommodating Assertive Islam in Liberal Democracies: Do Settler Societies Differ From European Societies? Hamilton, Paul (93 KB)
33 A Right to Exclusion? Gender, Minority Status and Civil Liberties Judgments Harell, Allison (112 KB)
32 Minority Rights in Turkey: A Historical Rem(a)inder Helvacioğlu, Banu (287 KB)
31 Revisiting Civil Society with Special Reference to Turkey Heper, Metin and Senem Yildirim (256 KB)
30 Worlds Colliding? Multiculturalism in Theory and Practice Hinze, Annika (137 KB)
29 The Politics of Redistribution in Multicultural Societies Jusko, Karen Long (111 KB)
28 Advancing Cultural and Socio-Economic Empowerment of the Roma through A Non-Territorial National Autonomy (Slovakia) Lajcakova, Jarmila (389 KB)
27 Tactical Cosmopolitanism and Idioms of Belonging: Insertion and Self-Exclusion in Johannesburg Landau, Loren B. and Iriann Haupt (445 KB)
26 Transnational mobilisation of Dalits and Afro-descendants: Challenging and changing the international protection regime for minorities Lennox, Corinne (212 KB)
25 Examining Potential Dangers of the Law in the School House: Critical Implications for Undocumented Students Regarding Immigration School Raids López, María Pabón (78 KB)
24 Individual Opinions and National Decisions: public opinion and refugee policy in Europe Loewen, Peter (211 KB)
23 The Political Empowerment of Minority Women through Panchayati Raj Institutions: A Critical Assessment of India’s Experiment with Affirmative Action Mahanta, Upasana and Samrat Sinha (138 KB)
22 Old and New Minorities: Reconciling Diversity and Cohesion (A Human Rights Model for Minority Integration) Medda-Windischer, Roberta  (201 KB)
21 Trafficking in Men: an Exploration of an Overlooked Phenomenon Oxman-Martinez, Jacqueline, Estibaliz Jimenez and Jill Hanley (113 KB)
20 Political Ideology and Ethnic Perceptions: The Two Europes Pardos-Prado, Sergi (361 KB)
19 Explaining Immigrant Voting Rates: The Influence of Source Country Political Culture Pikkov, Deanna (180 KB)
18 (Re)constructing Religious and Cultural Identity of Indians in the Diaspora: The Role of Sri Sathya Sai Baba Movement Sahoo, Ajaya Kumar (123 KB)
17 Racism Versus Professionalism: Claims and Counter Claims about Racial Profiling Satzewich, Vic and William Shaffir (189 KB)
16 Divided Nationality:American Jews and the forming of Ethnic Politics in United States Segev, Zohar (54 KB)
15 Citizen Education in Multiethnic Federal States: the experience of Ethiopia Smith, Lahra (123 KB)
14 “A Multicultural Hell-Hole”: Far-Right Populism and Multiculturalism in the United Kingdom Thomson, Simon (159 KB)
13 The Unprepared Host: Governance of Unexpected “Multiculturalism” in Turkey Unutulmaz, Kadir Onur (289 KB)
12 Within or Without? The Meanings of Return Among the Argentinian Immigrant Community in Spain Vives, Luna (387 KB)
11 Multi-nationalism and Multiculturalism: Analytically Different but Related in Discourse? WInter, Elke (124 KB)
10 Old World Immigrants and New World Human Security: Aboriginal Leadership Opportunities in the Canadian Forces Wissian, Ed and David Last (150 KB)
2006/2005: "Transitions to Democracy/Democratization in Taiwan
# Title Author/Editor Availability
9 Slow and Steady: Local Elections and Taiwan’s Democratic Reform – 1946 to 1977  Donovan, David
8 Lessons for the Consolidation of a Democracy Holly, Grant
7 ‘Outside the Party’: The Tangwai, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the Democratization of Taiwan Holly, Grant
6 Democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina Delamar, Ikka and Miriam Rabkin
print only
5 The Impact of the Return of Displaced Persons on Democratization in Bosnia and Herzegovina Teitelbaum, Leah
print only
4 Transitions to Democracy ‐ Hong Kong Axworth, Thomas and Leonard print only
3 Transitions to Democracy ‐ Taiwan Axworthy, Chan, Donovan, Holly, Hales (810 KB)
2  Transitions to Democracy – Afghanistan Axworthy, Thomas, Grant Kippen and David Donovan print only
1 The 2004 Presidential Election: On the Road to Democracy in Afghanistan Kippen, Grant (289 KB)