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Queen's University

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Frank Knox Award

Nature of Award

Each year, the Alma Mater Society of Queen's University shall honour two professors who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the education of students of Queen's University through their teaching excellence. The award is the highest honour which is given to instructors of Queen's by Students.

The award is named in honour of Frank Knox, a professor of economics who taught at Queen's for forty years from the twenties to the sixties. Mr. Knox demonstrated tremendous dedication in his teaching of undergraduates, and thus this award serves as a reminder to all of the necessity for the strong commitment which professors must contribute through the high quality of their teaching to the students of Queen's.

Nomination Criteria

Eligible recipients include any faculty member of professor in at least their second year of instruction, regardless of level of appointment. Due to the diverse nature of what constitutes an outstanding professor, there is no detailed criteria which the committee will be looking for. However, some general factors in the selection will include:

How well does the instructor motivate or charge their students with enthusiasm for learning?

Has real learning taken place under the instructor, and the instructor is not simply a popular person who is enjoyed by the students?

Does the instructor use novel or innovative instructional methods in attempting to convey the material to their class?

Is the instructor available outside of the classroom for interaction with students?

How has the instructor demonstrated a true commitment to the education of Queen's students over and above the norm?

Nomination Procedure

Nominations for the Award can be submitted by any students of the University and must include:

A covering letter from the primary nominator summarizing the case for the nominee. The name, department and courses taught by the instructor must be included. Be sure to detail why the instructor being nominated is deserving of the award. For example, what makes this instructor better than other instructors?

At least two other letters in support of the nominee. These letters may be from any individual, including other students in the class, students from other classes that the instructor teaches, students who have the instructor as an undergraduate thesis advisor, the DSC representative (or equivalent), alumni, professors, etc....

Selection Process

The winners will be decided upon by a representative committee which is chosen by the AMS Assembly. Two awards shall be presented each year, with no emphasis on faculty-specific designation. That is, the main criteria in the selection process is teaching excellence and commitment to the educational experience of students at Queen's, regardless of the faculty to which the professor belongs.

The information provided in the nomination will serve as the backbone of the information to be used by the committee in making their decision. However, a short evaluation form specially design to provide supplemental information useful in selecting a winner may be distributed to a random sample of students in the class of nominees. This will be employed at the discretion of the committee in order to receive non-premeditated responses from other students. The Committee is also able to request to see and research past evaluation forms from departments of faculties. Where available, this data will also be taken into consideration.

Presentation of Award

The final Award winners will be announced at the Annual General Meeting of the AMS, and their achievements and acknowledgements will be widely publicized.

Past Winners

      2012 - 2013 Jonathan Rose, Political Studies
      2012 - 2013 Xuelin Bai, Languages, Literatures and Culture
      2011 - 2012 Leo Jonker, Mathematics and Statistics  
      2011 - 2012 Alan Ableson, Mathematics and Statistics
      2010 - 2011 Judith Fisher, Drama  
      2010 - 2011 Karen Frederickson, School of Music
      2009 - 2010 Bill Newstead, Chemistry
      2009 - 2010 Grahame Renyk, Drama
      2008 - 2009 Kathy Brock, Political Studies
      2008 - 2009 Laurie Kerr, Nursing
      2008 - 2009 Dean Tripp, Psychology
      2007 - 2008 Richard Jackson, School of Business
      2007 - 2008 Robert Morrison, English
      2006 - 2007 Dina Georgis, Women's Studies
      2006 - 2007 Olga Malyshko, School of Music
      2005 - 2006 Robert Morrison, English
      2005 - 2006 Tom Simko, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
      2004 - 2005 Andrew Daugulis, Chemical Engineering
      2004 - 2005 Michael Roth, Mathematics and Statistics
      2003 - 2004 Marc Busch, School of Business
      2003 - 2004 Geoffrey Smith, History and Physical & Health Education
      2002 - 2003 R. Edward Lobb, English
      2002 - 2003 Bill Newstead, Chemistry
      2001 - 2002 Lola Cuddy, Psychology
      2001 - 2002 Ole Nielson, Mathematics and Statistics
      2000 - 2001 James Carson, History
      2000 - 2001 Anne Hardcastle, Drama
      1999 - 2000 Volker Manuth, Art
      1999 - 2000 Steve Yovetich, Kinesiology and Health Studies
      1998 - 1999 Lee Fabrigar, Psychology
      1998 - 1999 Jim Lee, Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
      1997 - 1998 James McLellan, Chemical Engineering
      1997 - 1998 Kevin Munhall, Psychology
      1996 - 1997 Gordon Cassidy, School of Business
      1996 - 1997 Robert Hill, Education
      1996 - 1997 Honourable Mention: William Forrest, Anatomy and Cell Biology
      1996 - 1997 Honourable Mention: Susan Lederman, Psychology
      1996 - 1997 Honourable Mention: James McLellan, Chemical Engineering
      1995 - 1996 Catherine Hooey, Geography
      1995 - 1996 Tina Pranger, Rehabilitation Therapy
      1994 - 1995 Gloria D'Ambrosio-Griffith, Spanish and Italian
      1994 - 1995 Tony Marshall, Classics
      1993 - 1994 Rosemary Jolly, English
      1993 - 1994 Gerald Tulchinsky, History
      1992 - 1993 Paul Christianson, History
      1992 - 1993 Peggy Cunningham, School of Business
      1991 - 1992 Robert Belton, Art History
      1991 - 1992 Jed Rasula, English
      1990 - 1991 John Holmes, Geography
      1990 - 1991 Jim Whitley, Mathematics and Statistics
      1989 - 1990 Gerald McGrath, Geography
      1989 - 1990 Caroline M. Miller, Sociology
      1988 - 1989 Ronald J. Delisle, Faculty of Law
      1988 - 1989 Richard Plant, Drama

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