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Queen's University

Centre for Teaching and Learning

Queen's Masters of Finance Instructor of the Year Award

Nature of Award

Presented by the graduating students of the Masters of Finance program.

Nomination Criteria

Nominees are judged on the basis of the professor's enthusiasm, preparation, presentation and communication skills. Professors are further evaluated on their ability to foster meaningful class discussions and to generate interest in the subject material. A sense of having contributed to the student's broader educational experience is important.

Nomination Procedure

Nomination forms are sent out in March to the students of the Masters of Finance class only. Five Masters of Finance signatures are required for each nomination and forms must be returned within one week to the President or the Communications Director of the MBA Society.

Selection Process

A secret ballot is conducted at the earliest opportunity after the nominations are received (preferably the next day). Each student receives two ballots. They are free to split their votes, or cast two votes for the same professor. A tie occurs when the top nominees vote totals are within 10% of one another, with the discretion of the President.

Presentation of Award

The award is presented by the President of the MBA Society at the earliest opportunity after the votes are tabulated and is presented in the professor's class or at Metamorphosis.

Past Winners

      2012 - 2013 Louis Gagnon
      2011 - 2012 Fotini Tolias

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000