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Queen's University

Centre for Teaching and Learning

Golden Apple Award

Nature of Award

In 1996, the graduating class of the Faculty of Education introduced the Golden Apple Award. Each year, the Education Student Society honours two professors who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the education of pre-service teachers. This is the highest award presented to instructors from the teaching candidates at the Faculty.

Nomination Criteria

Nominees for the award must demonstrate enthusiasm, innovation in teaching, and commitment to students. Eligible recipients include any faculty member or professor regardless of division, specialty or level of appointment. Recipients are excluded from receiving the award in two consecutive years.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations can be submitted by any teaching candidate studying at the Faculty of Education at Queen's, and must include the name of the primary and secondary nominators, name of the instructor being nominated, course title and number, and division and section if applicable. The submission should include a summary of no more than one page outlining the case for the nominee.

Selection Process

The selection committee will be comprised of three members of the Education Student Society Council plus two to four other students at the Faculty. Nominators will be excluded from the selection committee. Following the deadline for submission of nominations, the selection committee will visit the classes of the nominees with a follow-up questionnaire to be completed by randomly selected students from the classes. The nomination form and questionnaire will be used to select the top two individuals. The winner of the award is chosen based on the following criteria plus others to be determined by the selection committee:

  • How well does the instructor motivate or charge the students with enthusiasm for learning about teaching and learning?
  • Does the instructor use novel or innovative instructional methods in the class?
  • Is the instructor available outside the classroom for interaction with the students?
  • How has the instructor demonstrated a true commitment to the education of Queen's students over and above the norm?
  • Has real learning taken place under the instructor (i.e. is the instructor simply a popular person or one who is sincerely dedicated to learning and teaching?)

Presentation of Award

Information not available.

Past Winners

      2012 - 2013 Paul Albertson
      2012 - 2013 Stephen Haberer
      2011 - 2012 Jan Hartgerink
      2011 - 2012 Peter Brodribb
      2010 - 2011 Paul Deir
      2010 - 2011 Robert McGaughey
      2009 - 2010 Jan Hartgerink
      2008 - 2009 Stephen Haberer
      2008 - 2009 Ena Holtermann-Delong
      2007 - 2008 Stephen Haberer
      2007 - 2008 Jan Hartgerink
      2006 - 2007 Elspeth Morgan
      2006 - 2007 Andy Rush
      2005 - 2006 Cathy Christie
      2005 - 2006 Flemming Kress
      2004 - 2005 Diane Lawrence
      2004 - 2005 Tom Russell
      2003 - 2004 Paul Deir
      2003 - 2004 Joan McDuff
      2002 - 2003 Skip Hills
      2002 - 2003 Joan McDuff
      2001 - 2002 Deborah Berrill
      2001 - 2002 John Freeman
      2000 - 2001 Lynda Colgan
      2000 - 2001 David Cosh
      1999 - 2000 Cathy Christie
      1999 - 2000 Ellie Deir
      1998 - 1999 Dick Mansfield
      1998 - 1999 Larry Miller
      1997 - 1998 Joan McDuff
      1997 - 1998 Tom Russell
      1996 - 1997 Stephen Elliot
      1996 - 1997 John Fielding
      1995 - 1996 Joan McDuff
      1995 - 1996 Joan O'Callaghan

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