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Queen's University

Centre for Teaching and Learning

English DSC Fourth Years' Choice Award

Nature of Award

Recognition by fourth-year English students of teaching excellence and innovation on the part of a professor within the Department of English Language & Literature

Nomination Criteria

  1. Currently teaching in the Department.
  2. Admirable and inspiring enthusiasm for and knowledge of the course material, and for the study of English literature as a whole.
  3. Consistent and meaningful support to students: genuine interest in his/her students on a personal and an academic level, and a commitment to student learning and well-being within and beyond the classroom. This includes encouragement of class participation and availability for one-on-one discussion.
  4. Innovative and engaging classroom teaching.
  5. Influence beyond the scope of the classroom: teaching skills applicable to other courses (e.g. close reading, referencing, contextualization of historical or Biblical references, etc.); impacting future reading choices or academic pursuits; incorporating relevant cultural components, etc.

Nomination Procedure

Any fourth-year English student may nominate an instructor with a written response to the nomination form. The nomination form includes three sections that correspond to the nomination criteria, with short answer questions falling within the following categories: consistent and meaningful support to students; innovative and engaging classroom teaching; and commitment to fostering community within and beyond the classroom. Responses to each section may not exceed two hundred words.   

Selection Process

The aforementioned statements will be read by the Nomination Committee, composed of fourth-year students and a Faculty Advisor. Members of the Nomination Committee may not submit or receive nominations.

Presentation of Award

The recipient of the Fourth Years’ Choice Award will be announced at the English Fourth-Year Banquet, and will have his/her name added to the plaque displayed in the fourth floor lounge in Watson Hall.

Past Winners

      2013 - 2014 Gwynn Dujardin
      2012 - 2013 Sam McKegney
      2011 - 2012 Edward Lobb
      2010 - 2011 Chris Bongie,
      2009 - 2010 Michael Snediker

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000