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Queen's University

Centre for Teaching and Learning

Blue Star Award for Teaching Excellence

Nature of Award

The purpose for this award is to honour faculty members of the School of Rehabilitation Therapy who by their teaching ability and concern have earned the admiration of their students. The award is considered to be the highest tribute the Society can pay to an individual for teaching excellence.

Nomination Criteria

The nominee must be a full-time professor in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy. The following criteria are used when considering a nominee; approachability, availability, enthusiasm, teaching qualities, and knowledge of subject.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations are received by the Teaching Awards Selection Committee and consist of statements of qualities possessed by the faculty member which in the opinion of the nominating students make him/her worthy of recognition. Each nomination must be signed by twenty students from Rehabilitation Therapy. A recipient of the previous year`s award may be nominated the following year.

Selection Process

A committee consisting of a student from each class discuss, and vote on the recipient of the award. A chairperson leads the meetings, but has no voting power. It is suggested that no more than three Blue Star Awards be presented in any one year so as not to jeopardize the distinction of the award.

Presentation of Award

The winner is presented the award at the Rehab Pre-Formal. His/her name will also be published within the Rehab Today (Rehab Society paper) and also engraved on a plaque which is located in the lobby of the Louise D. Acton Building.

Past Winners

      2014 - 2015 Deanna Abbott-McNeil
      2014 - 2015 Catherine Donnelly
      2013 - 2014 Terry Krupa
      2013 - 2014 Deanna Abbott-McNeil
      2012 - 2013 Graeme Leverette
      2012 - 2013 Wendy Pentland
      2011 - 2012 Randy Booth
      2011 - 2012 Michelle Villeneuve
      2010 - 2011 Megan Edgelow
      2010 - 2011 Elizabeth Sled
      2009 - 2010 Megan Edgelow
      2009 - 2010 Elizabeth Sled
      2009 Heidi Cramm
      2009 Elsie Culham
      2008 Terry Krupa
      2007 - 2008 Randy Booth
      2007 Terry Krupa
      2007 Stephanie Madill
      2006 Terry Krupa
      2006 Murray Tough
      2005 Alice Aiken
      2005 Terry Krupa
      2004 Elsie Culham
      2004 Donna O'Connor
      2003 Kathleen Norman
      2003 Anne O'Riordan
      2002 Terry Krupa
      2002 Kathleen Norman
      2001 Diana Hopkins-Rosseel
      2001 Anne O'Riordan
      2000 Terry Krupa
      2000 Kathleen Norman
      1999 Terry Krupa
      1999 Judi Laprade
      1998 Murray Tough
      1997 Andrew Leger
      1997 Donna O'Connor
      1996 Terry Krupa
      1995 Diana Hopkins-Rosseel
      1994 Elsie Culham
      1994 Cally Martin
      1992 Terry Krupa
      1991 Elsie Culham
      1991 Elizabeth ten Hove
      1990 Steve Lawless
      1990 Jennifer Nelson
      1990 Elizabeth Tata
      1989 Cally Martin
      1989 Malcolm Peat
      1989 Wendy Pentland

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