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Queen's University

Centre for Teaching and Learning

2011 Teaching and Learning Grants

Ongoing Development of Undergraduate Statistical Resources and Formal Evaluation Tools

Mark Kelly, Department of Biology

Late Roman Coin Identification Using Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI)

Dr. George Bevan, Assistant Professor, Classics

Interactive learning videos to enhance teaching and learning within OT 843 – Physical Determinants of Occupation

Susanne Murphy, Lecturer, Occupational Therapy Program

The Queen’s Pedagogy Commons

Aaron Mauro, English Language and Literature

Multimedia Content, Laboratory Enhancements, and Interactive Simulation Software for Courses in Digital Logic and Computer Architecture.

Dr. Naraig Manjikian, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Valerie Sugarman, Computer Engineering (Undergraduate student)

This project involves enhancements to improve learning outcomes for two core courses in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering: ELEC 271 Digital Systems and ELEC 274 Computer Architecture. These courses are also taken by students in certain program options of Math and Engineering, Engineering Physics, and Mechanical Engineering. There are three main aspects to the project: multimedia content on course concepts and practical applications, custom simulation software to model digital logic and computer system behavior as a learning aid, and new laboratory exercises for use with new equipment based on programmable logic chips. The multimedia content consists of diagrams, animations, and examples with narration to explain and illustrate concepts in digital logic and computer organization, narrated tutorials on use of computer-aided design software and digital laboratory hardware, short presentations by practicing engineers, and narrated site visits to engineering companies to show the development and use of digital systems. Each presentation is no more than five minutes in length, and is either available to students through a streaming server for independent learning or intended for display in lectures to increase student interest and engagement. These enhancements are being used in the two courses during Fall 2011 and Winter 2012.

Interprofessional Teaching and Learning Online Module: Educational Strategies for Enabling IPE and Collaborative Practices

Nancy Dalgarno, Curriculum Developer, Office of Interprofessional Education and Practice

The Hyper-Collaborative Contemporary Canadian Literature Project

Marc Andre Fortin, Department of English Literature

A pilot test of the PeerMark system in KNPE 225 and POLS 391: Evaluating students ability to fairly grade and the educational value of the peer review process.

Dr. Brendon Gurd, Assistant Professor, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies

Development of an online information Literacy Toolkit for Inquiry-Based Learning

Dr. Corinne Laverty, Head, Education Library

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000