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Educational Development Associates

Educational Development Associates General Email: TA&GradCTL@queensu.ca

Karalyn McRae

Educational Development Associate

Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences




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Karalyn is a PhD student in the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences at Queen’s, with research focusing in reproduction and the pregnancy complication of preeclampsia. As a TA and Teaching Fellow, she has taught human anatomy as an instructor, lab demonstrator, and proctor.

Karalyn’s interest in teaching and learning lies in the development of teaching resources in medical and health science fields and how to engage students using hands-on approaches and tools. As an EDA at the CTL, Karalyn hopes to support students and educators across campus, while learning more about scholarship in teaching and learning and how she can adapt in her teaching roles to be more engaging and inclusive. She aims to bring her experiences as a TA in the health sciences to help the TA Advisory Committee enhance TA education and support at Queen’s.


John Haffner

Educational Development Associate

Department of Geography and Planning




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John is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography and Planning at Queen’s University. His research focuses on the social processes behind infrastructure development with particular attention paid to municipal-Indigenous relationships in transportation and land use planning in southern Ontario. As a teaching assistant, John has provided guest lectures and facilitated tutorial discussions on urban geography, urban and regional planning and community development.

John has a deep curiosity for teaching and learning. He is specifically interested in how teachers and learners co-create environments where complex ideas can be explored critically, respectfully and joyfully. John is excited to further engage with the scholarship of teaching and learning and to support TAs', graduate students' and post-doctoral fellows' professional development as an EDA for the CTL.

Christiana Asantewaa Okyere

Educational Development Associate

School of Rehabilitation Therapy




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Christiana is a PhD candidate at the School of Rehabilitation Therapy. With a passion for educational development, her research focuses on improving access to inclusive education for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in low and middle income countries. As a Teaching Assistant, she has contributed to graduate student teaching and learning through the provision of constructive feedback.

Christiana’s interest in teaching and learning stems from her passion and commitment to educational development. In her new role as an Education Development Associate at the Centre for Teaching and learning, she hopes to support grow educational development across the Queen’s campus. Specifically, Christiana seeks to provide leadership and guidance to teaching assistants, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows through the development and assessment of educational resources and identification of practical solutions to the teaching and learning challenges that confront them.