Centre for Teaching and Learning

Centre for Teaching and Learning
Centre for Teaching and Learning

Showcase of Teaching and Learning at Queen's

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

MacDonald Hall, Room 001 [NEW LOCATION THIS YEAR!]

The Centre for Teaching and Learning is planning a Showcase of Teaching and Learning. This one-day event held on Wednesday, May 3 will provide the opportunity for instructors to present their innovative teaching strategies to enhance teaching and learning at Queen’s. It will be a great opportunity to meet with colleagues from across the University and to find out all about the teaching and learning initiatives and innovations that are taking place throughout the institution. Presentations will be 15 minutes in length (with time for questions).

Schedule Change: B.6 has been moved from 11:45am to 12:45pm and Lunch now starts at 11:45am.

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8:30-8:45am    John Pierce, Acting Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning) and Peter Wolf, Assoc. Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning)  
8:45-9:00am A.1 3 Strategies for Managing and Personalizing Large Classes | Alan Ableson, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
9:00-9:15am A.2 Blending the Brick & Mortar:  Engagement and Innovations in the Law School Classroom | Mary Jo Maur and William Flanagan, Faculty of Law
9:15-9:30am A.3 The Possible Learning Benefits of Short Mind-Calming Exercises in Large Classes | Paul Grogan, Department of Biology
9:30-9:45am A.4 Teaching and Learning for Long Term Retention | C.J. Perry and Ron Easteal, Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences  
9:45-10:00am A.5 Challenges, Compatibility, and Creativity - Team-based Active Learning in a Large, Tiered Lecture Theatre | Dave Dove, School of Computing
10:00-10:15am A.6 Active Learning in Political Theory: Traditional and Active Learning Classrooms | Michael Murphy, Department of Political Studies  
10:15-10:30am   BREAK | Refreshments Provided  
10:30-10:45am B.1 Incorporating Volunteer Work into Course Assignments | Fiona Kay, Department of Sociology
10:45-11:00am B.2 Exploring the Experiential Dimension of Sustainability Courses | Cassandra Kuyvenhoven and Peter Graham, School of Environmental Studies
11:00-11:15am B.3 Using Experiential Learning to Teach Healthcare Quality Improvement to Medical Students | Genevieve C. Digby, Department of Medicine and Sheila Pinchin, School of Medicine
11:15-11:30am B.4 BISC’s Specialized Program in International Law and Politics: Overcoming the Challenges of Teaching Very Small Classes with Active Learning Opportunities | Sonia Dussault, Bader International Study Centre
11:30-11:45am B.5 The Experiential Learning Hub and You | Chelsea Elliott, Career Services  
11:45-12:45pm   LUNCH | Provided  
12:45-1:00pm B.6 The Amazing Race Exam Review | Kevin Alexander and James Fraser, Physics, Department of Engineering Physics and Astronomy  
1:00-1:15pm C.1 Creating Immersive Learning Experiences Using 360° Video and Lightboard | Robert Bertschi and Leigha Covell, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science C.1 Online Presentation


1:15-1:30pm C.2 Don’t Be a Robot”: Humanizing Online Learning Through Blogging | Cheryl Cline, Faculty of Health Sciences; Ernesto Figuero-Filho, Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences; and Lynel Jackson, Faculty of Health Sciences  
1:30-1:45pm C.3 Assessing Group work with GRASP (GRoup Assessment of Self and Peers) | Scott Whetstone, Smith School of Business
1:45-2:00pm C.4 Exploration and Generation in Online and Classroom Learning | Greg Lessard, French Studies; and Michael Levison, School of Computing C.4 Online Presentation


2:00-2:15pm C.5 Aropa: A solution to online Peer Review | John Szendrey, Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
2:15-2:30pm C.6 Building and Integrating Open Educational Resources to Support Your Teaching | Rosarie Coughlan and Mark Swartz, Queen’s Libraries
2:30-2:45pm   BREAK | Refreshments Provided  
2:45-3:00pm D.1 Building Better Together | T. Claire Davies and Elizabeth Delarosa, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering; and Catherine Donnelly and Susanne Murphy, School of Rehabilitation Therapy  
3:00-3:15pm D.2 Re-inventing ENSC203: Using Inquiry Based Learning to Promote Ecological Citizenship | Allison Goebel, School of Environmental Studies; Alice Hovorka, Department of Geography and Planning; and Colin Khan, School of Environmental Studies
3:15-3:30pm D.3 Student Learning in a Design Versus Non-Design Experiment in a Physics Laboratory Course | Bei Cai, Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy
3:30-3:45pm D.4 Settler and Indigenous Stories of Kingston/Cataraqui: Reflections on an Ongoing Experiment | Laura Murray, Department of English  
3:45-4:00pm D.5 Collaborative Program Improvement: Making Meaningful Change | Jake Kaupp and Brian Frank, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
4:00-4:15pm D.6 LISC 300 The Process of Discovery in the Biomedical Sciences: Did We Empower Our Students to Experience the Joy of Discovery? | Ken Rose, Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences; and Nader Ghasemlou, School of Medicine
4:15-4:30pm   WRAP-UP