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Queen's University

Centre for Teaching and Learning

Wednesday, September 9, 2015, 8:30am – 4:15pm
Dunning Hall, Auditorium



This annual day-long professional development conference is for anyone who teaches at Queen's who is interested to learn about new and interesting developments in teaching and learning. This year, we are pleased to kick off the conference with Dr. James Fraser and Kevin Alexander from Physics, who will set the tone of the day with an interactive and inspiring plenary on “tag-team teaching”. Sessions throughout the day will focus on this approach of faculty and graduate students working together to enhance the learning process for their students. We will also be adding a Poster Session and an Action Planning Closing Plenary activity to help us put ideas into action in the coming 2015/16 academic year!


8:30-9:00am REGISTRATION Dunning Auditorium                        
Peter Wolf, Assoc. Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning)
Dunning Auditorium

OPENING PLENARY | Community before Content: The Four Step Plan
James Fraser and Kevin Alexander, Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy 

What sort of students do you want to teach: disengaged "clients" preoccupied with their grade or inquiring apprentices invested in their learning process? Every one of the students in your tutorial/lab/class could end up in either camp and the result is (partly) up to you.  So if you want to be a mentor and not a grader, we suggest the Kevin and James Four-Step Plan.  First step: Question everything you think you know about good teaching. Second step:  Find a learning community of fellow teachers.  Third step: Develop novel feedback channels so that you can better understand your students, whether they be a group of 25 or 250.  Final step:  Help your students develop their own communities of learning.  By the end of the hour-long presentation, we aim to have you complete steps 1-2 and have hands-on experience with approaches you can use to achieve steps 3-4.

Dunning Auditorium
10:15-10:30am BREAK (refreshments provided) Mackintosh Corry Hall,
2nd Floor


  • A.1 Do you have a minute..? Navigating 1st year student needs and challenges while wearing the academic hat
  • A.2  PANEL: "What I know now about TAing/Teaching that I wish I knew when I first started
  • A.3  Preparing for your First Tutorial
  • A.4 "But my students are so shy!" Improving Communication in a Quiet Classroom
  • A.5 Analysis of a Research Assignment
  • A.6 Constructing Alignment in a Course
  • A.7 Lesson Planning
  • A.8 Soliciting Feedback to Foster Positive Classrooms
  • A.9 Turning Student Groups into Effective Learning Teams
Mackintosh Corry Hall,
and Ellis Hall Classrooms


  • P.1 The Importance of Personality Types in the Classroom and its Effects on Teaching and Learning
  • P.2 Critical Inquiry: Peer-to-Peer Teaching in Medical School
  • P.3 Turning Passive Students into Active Learners through Simulation: Using Standarized Patients to Enhance Interprofessional Infection Control Education for Prelicensure Physiologytherapy, Nursing and Medical Students
  • P.4 The Living Case Study: Revolutionizing a Traditional Teaching Tool
  • P.5 2015 Centre for Teaching and Learning Grants
  • P.6 The Principal's New Teaching and Learning Awards (Deadline for submissions: September 30, 2015)
Robert Sutherland Hall,
Room 202
12:30-1:30pm LUNCH and OPEN HOUSE (Boxed lunch provided)  In celebration of our Open House, the CTL will be providing lunch at no-cost this year.
Mackintosh Corry Hall,
2nd Floor


  • B.1 PANEL: "What I know now about TAing/Teaching that I wish I knew when I first started"
  • B.2 Making Stress-Management Manageable: Ways to Overcome the Stressors of Personal and Professional Life
  • B.3 Building Research Competencies of First Year Students: A Collaborative Approach
  • B.4 Providing Effective Feedback on Student Writing
  • B.5 Facilitating Online Discussions
  • B.6 Creating and Implementing Effective and Efficient Assessment in Higher Education
  • B.7 Preparing Your First Science Lab
  • B.8 Active Learning in the Classroom
Mackintosh Corry Hall,
and Ellis Hall Classrooms
2:30-2:45pm BREAK (refreshments provided) Mackintosh Corry Hall,
2nd Floor


  • C.1 Teaching Across Cultures
  • C.2 Overview of Services offered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning for Graduate Students and Post-Docs
  • C.3 Preparing for your First Tutorial (repeat of A.3)
  • C.4  Teaching Controversial Subjects
  • C.5 Understanding the TA/TF Collective Agreement and Union Resources
  • C.6 Recognizing and Responding to Students in Distress in the Classroom
  • C.7 Building your own Open Textbook with help from the Queen's University Libraries
Mackintosh Corry Hall,
and Ellis Hall Classrooms
To close TD Day, we will revisit the Four-Step Plan introduced in the Opening Plenary.  Together we will form an "Action Plan" for teaching on our first day of class and the rest of the academic year. 

Exciting door prices will be drawn.  You must be present to win!
Dunning Auditorium


Overall Agenda  |  Concurrent Sessions A Poster Session  |  Concurrent Sessions B  |  Concurrent Sessions C




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