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Centre for Teaching and Learning

Library Resources

The Centre for Teaching and Learning maintains a resource library consisting of over 4000 books, articles, journals, and videos on university teaching and learning.The library features resources under programmatic areas such as assessment of learning, course and curriculum planning, educational technology, course evaluation, student learning, teaching and learning in higher education, professional development, self directed learning, and more. These resources focus on all aspects of teaching and learning and can be useful for instructors who are interested in planning effective courses that are learning centred. The library also features journals and audio visual materials such as videos and DVDs. The library is housed in the FSLF B176 and can be accessed during office hours, Monday to Friday. To borrow a book or a resource from the CTL library contact or visit our office inMackintosh-Corry Hall, B176.

Search CTL Library Holdings

The CTL library holdings are searchable from the Queen's Library system QCAT. In the Advanced Search engine, choose "Centre for Teaching and Learning" from the LOCATION drop-down menu and your search criteria will bring up only holdings in the CTL library.

Recently Featured Books

How to Survive as an Adjunct Lecturer: An Entrepreneurial Strategy Manual

B.J. Carroll (2001) Chula Vista, CA: Aventine Press

This text explores the role of the adjunct lecturer in higher education and discusses the ways in which instructors can maximize the benefits that such teaching offers. Carroll writes “putting the time and effort into writing a thoughtful syllabus – before the semester begins – will save you lots of time and trouble as the terms progresses” (p. 50). The book provides a comprehensive look at various aspects of adjunct teaching with chapters that include examine: “the new higher education economy”, “getting clients”, and “managing your finances”.

Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day: A Guide to Starting, Revising, and Finishing Your Doctoral Thesis

J. Bolker (1998) New York, NY: Henry Holt

This text features a “how-to” guide for Master’s and PhD students charged with the task of writing a graduate level research dissertation. Bolker explains that writing is at the “centre” of producing a dissertation. She writes of the book “you will learn to write in order to think, to encourage thought, to tease thought out of chaos or out of fright” (p. 5). Chapters include: “choosing an advisor and a committee”, “from zero to first draft”, and “the best dissertation is a done dissertation”.

Media and Audio Visual Material

Interactive Teaching: Promoting Better Learning Using “Peer Instruction” and “Just in Time” Teaching.

Derek Bok Centre for Teaching & Learning, (2007)

This video features the award-winning documentary “From Questions to Concepts” with Harvard Physics Professor Dr. Eric Mazur. It provides an introduction to interactive teaching that features the instructor and his students working through basic physics concepts. The video also outlines a how-to guide on “Just in Time Teaching” which allows instructors to tailor classroom instruction using student feedback. “Peer Instruction” is examined and with a guide for how to implement this strategy into university courses.

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