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Queen's University


Degree Level Expectations (DLEs)

Overview and Background

To provide a framework reflecting expectations for university graduates, Degree Level Expectations (DLEs) were developed by the Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents, subsequently endorsed by the Council of Ontario Universities for Baccalaureate/Bachelors graduates from Ontario's publicly assisted universities.

The DLE's are designed to be integrated into the Queen's University Quality Assurance Process (QUQAP) with the concepts and the tools applicable to the entire Queen's community.

Queen's University Quality Assurance Process document:


At the program level:

  • Explicitly articulates the outcomes of a degree program relevant for graduate study preparation and professional qualifications
  • Provides a metric for evaluation and monitoring
  • Provides an overall framework that guides curriculum design and review
  • Identifies the continuity of skills and knowledge with respect to depth, breadth, and the sequence of learning

For faculty members:

  • Helps faculty members in designing courses that align with overall program goals
  • Situates learning in terms of the ecology of the program
  • Aids in developing appropriate assessment and evaluation of student learning

For students:

  • Informs students of the expectations and standards of the program
  • Identifies the learning outcomes for their studies
  • Provides concrete evidence of the quality of a program and the transferability of its degree
  • Facilitates credit transfers

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