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Curriculum Mapping

Implementation Tools and Resources

The process of curriculum mapping affords faculty members a long-range overview of the skills and knowledge that is to be developed by the courses of a department.  The end product is often revealing in that faculty members might uncover a discontinuity in skills thought to be acquired by other courses, but may in reality are not.

Curriculum Mapping Tools for:

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UDLEs: Building Capacity and Momentum

Planning for Change

Use the following trigger questions to help curriculum development using the UDLEs. (based on the model from Kotter, J.P. (1996). Leading Change. Boston: Harvard Business School Press.)

Planning for Change Consider this...
Establish a sense of urgency
  • How might you create a sense of the importance and immediacy of incorporating the UDLEs in curriculum planning?
Create a guiding coalition
  • What mix of skills, influence, interest, etc. might you draw on to help you move forward?
  • Which individuals and offices have the expertise and the commitment necessary to advance this initiative?
Develop a vision and strategy
  • What vision and strategy might you articulate to guide the curriculum change process?
  • What specific mandate, time-line, and resources might you give to the guiding coalition?
Communicate the change vision
  • What communication strategy and processes might you use and who might you identify to help you communicate the vision and strategy consistently and effectively?
Empower for broad-based action
  • What might you do to help members of the guiding coalition to eliminate barriers, such as resistance, in instituting a curriculum change process?
Generate short-term wins
  • What short term deliverables (e.g. pilot project) might you and your team identify?
  • How might those who contribute to the curricular change process be supported and recognized?
Consolidate gains, produce more change
  • What process reporting mechanisms might you put in place?
  • What strategies might you use to embed the curriculum change processes throughout the institution?
Anchor new approaches in the culture
  • How might you reinforce the changes? For example, what structural adjustments (position changes, recruitment of new change leaders, promotions, etc?) might be necessary?
  • What connections might you make between the changes made and measures of institutional success (e.g. NSSE)?
  • How can you continue to build capacity for sustaining/revisiting the curriculum change processes?

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