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SOCY 925* Feminist Theory

Sociology  /  Winter 2013  /  Annette Burfoot

(Wednesdays 11:30-2:30) This course deals with feminist critiques of sociological theories, how such theories have been revised and appropriated by feminists and the various perspectives that feminists have developed for interrogating and transforming social hierarchies informed inter alia by gender, class, racism, and heterosexism. Permission of the instructor is required.

SOCY 931* New Media Cultures

Sociology  /  Winter 2013  /  Martin Hand  /  Course website

In this advanced course students will engage with the main currents of contemporary intellectual thought concerned with digital technologies and emergent media. Focusing on the relationships between social theory, method, and practice, the course is organized around the following core themes: information; mediation; materialism; practice. Students will be able to explore and debate the significance of technological change in the production, circulation and uses of culture in the present moment. There will be scope to engage with concepts of interactivity, mobility, speed, reflection, reflexivity, virtuality, consumption, in the context of different spaces or objects (city; home; archive; gallery; memory, sounds, visions, events, body, etc.) and practices (photography, art, writing, listening, tourism, reporting, etc.) which exemplify contemporary debates about new media in cultural sociology.

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