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Cultural Studies

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Alumni Profiles

There are so many exceptional graduates from Cultural Studies. Our alumni work in a variety of fields, from academia to marketing to journalism. Find out where some Cultural Studies alumni have ended up.  

Jobb Arnold Assistant Professor, Menno Simons College

Jobb Arnold is an Assistant Professor of Conflict Resolution Studies at Menno Simons College, associated with the University of Winnipeg and the Canadian Mennonite University. He teaches a variety of courses related to the cultural dynamics of conflict with a focus on micro-level group dynamics in times of social change. Arnold is the director of the Careers that Fight Climate Change Network (CFCCN), a collaborative partnership developing experiential learning and mentorship programs to support and develop skills and relationships among inner-city high school youth in Winnipeg, with a focus on understanding and preparing for social transitions related to climate change. The CFCCN's programming seeks to create spaces where youth can both imagine and begin building personally meaningful forms of sustainable social and ecological resilience.  The CFCCN training seeks to embed conflict resolution principles and skills, such as intercultural communication and conflict mediation, into hard-skills training in fields such as renewable energy and food security. Additionally, Arnold co-chairs the Experiential Learning Network at the University of Winnipeg and is involved in numerous grassroots projects in Winnipeg and beyond.

Jessica Jacobson-Konefall SSHRC-Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto

Dr. Jessica Jacobson-Konefall is a SSHRC postdoctoral fellow at University of Toronto, in the Department of History of Art, focusing on eco art and ecological citizenship in Canada (2017-19). Her 2017-19 project, "Eco Art in Canada and Ecological Citizenship: Creative Cities, Translocal Protest, and the Expediency of Activist Culture in the Arts," was ranked 5th of 170 proposals. Before that, she was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre for Globalization and Cultural Studies, University of Manitoba. Since 2010 she has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Winnipeg. Dr Jacobson -Konefall was one of two Canada 150 Scholars-in-Residence at the 2017 Spur Winnipeg Festival.

Erin Sutherland Assistant Professor, University of Alberta Augustana

Erin is an Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Alberta Augustana. She is also a core and founding member of the Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective, an Edmonton-based organization which is committed to supportings the work of Indigenous contemporary artists art in the city, engagingand designers, engage in both local and global contemporary critical dialogue, developing artistic collaboration, and promotinge and encourage research, production, and presentation and awareness of Indigenous contemporary art practices. Before completing her PhD in Cultural Studies, she earned an M.A. in Cultural Studies from Queen’s University. She also served as she was a Pre-Doctoral Fellow in American Indian and Indigenous Studies at Michigan State University in 2015-16. She also works as an independent curator and has recently curated the performance series Talkin’ Back to Johnny Mac in Kingston, Ontario in 2015.

Dalia Thamin Journalist, CBC 

Dalia Thamin is the Senior Manager of Media Relations at Goodwill Industries of Alberta, a non-profit which provides jobs and career training for Albertans with disabilities. Before that, she was an award-winning broadcast journalist/producer/writer who worked for 13 years in radio, TV, film, and print/online/blogging. Ten of those years were with CBC Edmonton, where she worked on CBC radio’s morning show, Edmonton AM and CBC TV supper hour newscast. Dalia has also worked as an associate producer for CBC Calgary with the number one radio show in Calgary, the " Calgary Eyeopener" and the afternoon show "The Homestretch". She’s worked as a freelance writer and journalist while completing her MA with Cultural Studies.

Zaira Zarza Killam Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Alberta 

Zaira Zarza is a Killam Memorial Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Alberta, where her research focuses on the emerging creative industries in transitional Cuba. She worked in the Department of Social Research of the Cuban Film Institute, and as is a Programming Associate at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Her book Caminos del cine brasileño contemporáneo was published by Ediciones ICAIC in 2010. Zarza is the founder and coordinator of the project Roots and Routes: Cuban Cinemas of the Diaspora in the 21st Century, a platform for the promotion and study of film and media works by young Cuban artists who live off the island.