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Queen's University

Sharday C. Mosurinjohn

Supervisor: Gary Kibbins (Cultural Studies; Film and Media)



Research Interests

anthropology of the line and mark-making;
contemporary drawing;
visual culture;
affect and modernity (especially anxiety, choice overload, boredom)

What if, in the first place, the world were made up not of things, but of lines? My project builds on the work of anthropologist Tim Ingold (2007), who contends exactly that, with the novel implication, therefore, that to study people and things is to study the lines they make and are made of. Lines may be everywhere, but becoming aware of their manifold cultural manifestations reveals certain patterns among them. I am exploring the relationship between concepts that have come to be connected metonymically to the line (namely, time and mind), the practices and tropes that bring them together to our attention (especially drawing), and some of their affective and embodied correlates (choice, boredom, and self–reflexivity, most importantly) in the context of contemporary cultural politics. To do so I work with philosophy of time, affect theory, visual culture and drawing theory, and with what is emerging as a comparative anthropology of the line.

To date, my research has been largely about gender, queer theory, critical race theory, religion, and neoliberalism. My MA thesis was entitled Gender, Christianities, and Neo/liberal Hegemony: An Ethnographic Exploration of Gender Discourse in a United Church Women's Group. Another strain of my work has been in contemporary art history, focusing largely on the politics and techniques of museum display.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000