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Queen's University

Angela Silver


Research Interests

Fascinated by our impulse to communicate, I investigate how language inhabits the body and the innumerable ways our bodies perform language. Through shifts in scale, material, intimacy and sensorial experience I examine communication systems and their artifacts.

My work uses trans-disciplinary techniques to look critically and poetically at Western societies’ relationship with information and communication and implicitly the meaning embedded there. This research focuses on the residue of language, examining the diverse ways in which it inhabits the body. I re-interpret the artifacts and paraphernalia that accompany our various linguistic systems and writing tools.  Re-interpreting obsolete writing artifacts, such as typewriter balls, is a method for me to examine the representation of language and to examine the authority of text. Re-working these systems and their instruments are strategies to examine the material and matter of communication and the profound ways we perform language. By repurposing lapsed or overlooked information devices, I re-engage and adapt informational content and meaning through methodologies that engage the body at scales ranging from the handheld to the infrastructural.




Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000