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Cultural Studies Research Interest
Lonnie Aarssen Biology

The application of Darwinian evolutionary theory to the interpretation of culture and human nature, and how this impacts on our understanding of civilization and the challenges it faces for the 21st century.

Sharry Aiken Law My research focuses on migration law and policy in context. More specifically, much of my current scholarship engages with the controversies, complexities and challenges posed by immigration and border security measures as well as the impact of these measures on asylum seekers, refugees and the communities they have established in Canada.

A parallel research interest concerns the nature and meaning ascribed to citizenship in ethnically divided societies. In 2009 I organized an international conference with three colleagues from Osgoode Hall Law School: "Israel/ Palestine: Mapping Models of Statehood and Paths to Peace". The program, paper abstracts and a full audio archive of the proceedings is available on the conference website:
Mary Louise Adams Kinesiology and Health Studies

Cultural studies of sport, the body and health; sexuality and gender; feminist theory.

Howard Tzvi Adelman Jewish Studies Program

Jewish history, literature, culture; social history: gender, childhood, family, violence, sexuality, race; Italy: medieval and early modern; history and memory; biblical interpretation; rabbinic commentary; autobiography; Zionism, Israel, relations with Palestinians and the Jewish Diaspora.

Blaine Allan Film and Media

Historical approaches to film, Canadian film and television, film authorship.

Jan Allen

Art History,

Art Conservation,

Agnes Etherington Art Centre

Cultural policy, art museums, contemporary visual and media art.

Bita Amani Faculty of Law

Intellectual Property Law (domestic and International), Regulating Genetics and New Technologies, Biopiracy and Protection of Traditional and Cultural Knowledge, Regulatory and Ethical Issues of Medical/Scientic Research and its commercialization, Globalization and Social Justice, International Law, Regulatory Diversity, Torts.

Christiane Arndt Languages, Literatures and Cultures

19th century literature and culture, Photography (and/in literature)

Sylvat Aziz Art
Gender Studies

Adaptation of industrial methods/materials in contemporary studio practices; science in the studio: investigations based on the science of art materials/processes; cartography: political and applied (visual interpretations); issues of representation in Islamic visual culture, in particular the material economy of sufi shrines, aspects of conflict and convergence; Kalash Kafirs of Hindu Kush: survival of identity and culture under duress.

Susan Babbitt Education

Epistemology, Moral Philosophy.

Jeffrey Brison History

North American Cultural and Intellectual History, Canadian-American Relations, Cultural Studies, Cultural Policy.

Annette Burfoot Sociology
Gender Studies

Visual Science Studies (anatomy, cancer care, science fiction), Technology Studies (political economy of manufacturing), Cultural Studies, Reproductive & Genetic Engineering.

Frank Burke Film and Media

I teach film in relation to postmodernity, ideological criticism, cultural studies, poststructural theory, and gender, with a strong emphasis on Italian culture. Throughout my career I have been a researcher into Italian, American, and Italian-American cinema, specializing for much of that time in the work of Federico Fellini. 

Shehla Burney Education

Cultural Studies, Drama in Education, Media Studies: Representation & Reception, Curriculum Theory and Design, International Development, Shared Histories.

Laura Cameron Geography

Study of cultural encounters between peoples and places, particularly as they relate to the development of early British and Canadian ecology and conservation.

Caroline-Isabelle Caron History

Caroline-Isabelle Caron is a historical anthropoligist who specializes in the study of the popular culture of North American Francophones in the 19th and 20th-centuries. Her research projects so far have focussed on representations of the past, in the form of genealogies, legends and commemorations, and on representations of the future, in the form of science fiction and fan fiction. She has tried to get a better sense, a closer glimpse, at Acadian's and Québec collective encyclopedias, in Umberto Eco's sense of the word, i.e. the sum of the experiences and representations possessed by a person, and more generally, by a collectivity, which enables them to understand their world, and act and react to various experiences. She is currently working on a book studying Acadian commemorations in 19th and 20th century Nova Scotia. She is also looking at the evolution of the Acadian traditional costume over the course of the 20th century. Another current project preliminary focusses on the evolution of fannic creative production among women since the 19th century.

Daniel F. Chamberlain Languages, Liturature and Culture

20th-Century Spanish American narrative, Mexican oral narrative tradition, contemporary literary theory, narrative perspective.

Dia Da Costa  Global Development Studies

Sociology of Development; Post/colonial Theory; Art, performance, and politics; Political theatre in India; Global, multi-sited, and performance ethnographies; Culture in the history, theory, and practice of capitalist development; Intersections of culture and labour; Cultural practices as spaces of political economy and multiple modernities; Social movements and state-formation; World-systems and Post-development theories.

Alexandre Da Costa Global Development Studies

Sociology of Development; Comparative Race and Ethnicity; African Diaspora in the Americas; Coloniality of Power; Critical Multiculturalism, Knowledge, and Educational Reform; Brazilian and Latin American Studies; Political and Historical Sociology; Governance and Citizenship

Laeeque K. Daneshmend Mining

Interactions between First Nations, other stakeholders, and the mining sector; Cultural divides between engineering and the arts and sciences; Technological risks, techno-optimism, risk perceptions, and social responsibility (with a particular interest in the Bhopal Disaster); Appropriate technology for social justice.

Joyce Davidson Geography
Gender Studies

Geographies of Health and Illness, Geographies of Embodiment and Emotions, Social Geographies, Gender and Feminist Theory, Emotional Geographies.

Jackie Davies Philosophy

Feminist Thought, Narrative Reasoning, and Critical Thinking.

Richard Day Global Development Studies

Classical and contemporary social, political, and cultural theory, Globalization, anti-globalization, post-development studies, Radical social movements, Multiculturalism, (post)colonialism, anarcha-indigenism.

Pamela Dickey Young Gender Studies
School of Religion

Feminist study of religion, religion and sexuality, religious diversity and public policy.

Karen Dubinsky Gender Studies

History of gender and sexuality, history of tourism, transnational and transracial adoption, the global politics of childhood.

Marc Epprecht Global Development Studies

Africa, gender and sexuality, health, masculinity, international development, environmental history, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Southern Africa

Petra Fachinger English

Indigenous literatures and cultures, Asian diasporas, African diaspora, the dynamics of cultural memory, representations of war, trauma, and genocide, comparative race and ethnicity

Tim Fort Drama

Musical Theatre, Theatre Administration, Directing,  Lighting Design, and Scenic Design.

Ellen Goldberg Gender Studies
School of Religion

Hinduism, Buddhism, Cognitive Theories of Religion.

Martin Hand Sociology

Digital Culture, particularly photography, Web 2.0, and archives/memory; Consumption, design and practice, sustainability, mundane technologies; Cultural Sociology, cultural institutions, material culture.

Emily Hill History

Emily Hill is a specialist on the history of China. She speaks Chinese fluently and bases her research in Chinese-language source materials. Her main area of research has been the political economy of China's Republican period, particularly 1931-37. She is also examining the origins of the war between China and Japan of 1937 to 1945 and the political economy of postwar Taiwan. Her interest in agricultural policy in the past has led to her new project on reforestation in contemporary China.

Jennifer Hosek Languages, Literatures and Cultures

20th - 21st century West, East, and larger German literature, film, and culture; European Union cultures; feminist, gender, transnational, critical, and cultural studies theories and movements; recent Cuban film; cities; 1960s-1980s literature by African-American women and francophone women.

Adnan Husain History

Medieval Europe, Mediterranean, Islamic World, Muslim Diaspora, comparative/history of religion, cultural and intellectual history, cross-cultural and inter-regional approaches to history.

Villia Jefremovas Global Development Studies

My focus is on local-level studies of rural development and community development: concentrating on non-western indigenous peoples’ and peasants’ livelihoods, land tenure, indigenous knowledge, agriculture and natural resource management, as well as non-farm rural employment. My work takes a gender and political economy lens to the study of these issues. My work has been conducted in the Philippines, with indigenous peoples, and in Rwanda with peasant population.

Lynda Jessup Art

Visual cultural studies, Native North American and Canadian visual culture, museum representation, environmental history, art and tourism, art historiography.

Mark Jones English

British Romantic poetry; L18–E19C publicity, propaganda, and public opinion; William Cobbett; literature and economics; parody; history of literary criticism and theory; Bob Dylan.

Gary Kibbins Film and Media
Samantha King Kinesiology and Health Studies
Gender Studies

The politics of health, sport, and the body; queer, feminist, and critical race theory; critical studies of philanthropy, social movements, and consumer culture.

Audrey Kobayashi Gender Studies

How processes of human differentiation (race, class, gender, ability, national identity) emerge in homes, streets and workplaces; public policy, legal and legislative frameworks that enable social change; cultural systems and practices through which normative frameworks for human actions and human relations are developed.

Catherine Krull Sociology
Gender Studies

Inequality, family diversity, reproductive politics, feminist postcolonial theory, violence against women, development and policy.

Kathleen Lahey Faculty of Law
Frances Leeming Film and Media
Cynthia Levine-Rasky Sociology

Immigration and refugee policy; Romani Studies; inequality; multiculturalism; race, radicalization; critical whiteness studies; intersectionality; qualitative methods.

Magda Lewis Education
Gender Studies

Cultural Studies, Feminist and Critical Social Theory, Qualitative Research Methods/Methodologies, Critical Pedagogy, Social Class, Race, Gender and Sexuality in Education/Schooling Contexts, the commodification of knowledge, education and schooling on a global scale.

Margaret Little Gender Studies
Political Studies

Welfare; poverty; retraining; Canadian social policy

Susan Lord Art
Film and Media
Gender Studies

Cultural studies of media and technology, Cuban film and visual culture, feminist film culture in Canada and internationally.

Robert Lovelace Global Development Studies Aboriginal Studies
George Lovell Geography

Colonial Latin America, indigenous response to Spanish imperial domination, the colonial connection between Old World disease and New World depopulation, other aspects of historical and cultural geography as they relate to regions outside of Latin America, especially Spain.

David Lyon Sociology Surveillance and Social Sorting; Identification Regimes; Citizenship; Privacy; Information Technologies; Religion; Postmodernity; Christian Social Critique.
Eleanor MacDonald Political Studies Contemporary political thought, including: identity politics, feminist theory, critical theory, postmodern theory, Marxist theory, anti-racist theory, psychoanalytic theory, environmental theory, cultural studies, narrative theory, queer theory, race and sexuality studies, feminism, and transgender politics.
Clarke Mackey Film and Media

Community arts, vernacular culture.

Sidneyeve Matrix Film and Media

Mass communications, social media and marketing, mobile technology, and digital culture consumer trends.

Ian McKay History

History of Canadian left-wing movements, history of Atlantic Canada, working-class history, cultural history, Gramsci.

Sam McKegney English

Indigenous literatures, contemporary Canadian literature (as well as its precursors), Indigenous governance and its pursuit through art, multiculturalism as an ideal and in practice, hockey culture, masculinity theory, and literary activism.

Katherine McKittrick Gender Studies

Black studies, cultural geography, gender studies, social and spatial justice in black creative texts (music, fiction, poetry), the work of Sylvia Wynter.

Jan Mennell Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Jewish Latin American Literature, Latin American Women’s Literature, Latin American Film.

James Miller School of Religion and the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Chinese philosophy and religion; globalization of Chinese cultural practices; dialogue between Chinese and Western civilizations; cultural resources for sustainability; ecological civilization in China.

Allison Morehead Art

French, Scandinavian, and German art of the 19th and early 20th centuries; history of museums and collecting; the art of psychiatric patients; printmaking; intersections between art and science; critical theory; historiography.

Scott Morgensen Gender Studies

Settler Colonialism, Indigenous Studies, Critical Race Studies, Queer Studies, Feminist Theories/Methods, Ethnography. Co-Editor of Journal of Critical Race Inquiry. *Not accepting new advisees in Cultural Studies at this time.*

David Murakami Wood Geography

My research is mainly on the politics, aesthetics and social relations around global(izing) surveillance, risk and security. I generally work cross-culturally and comparatively in global / world cities in Japan, Brazil and Europe. I also study science fiction writing and film. Theoretically, I am particularly interested in process philosophy, actor-network theory, post-panopticism, and concepts of openness / closure, transparency / opacity, and publicity / privacy. 

I am Editor-in-Chief of the open-access journal of surveillance studies, Surveillance & Society and a member of the Surveillance Studies Centre.

Laura Murray English

Copyright law and theory; American literature and culture, especially nineteenth-century; performance and oral culture; history of the book; literature of exploration and colonization; Aboriginal literature and culture.

Dorit Naaman Film and Media
Gender Studies

Dorit Naaman is a film theorist and documentarist from Jerusalem, teaching at Queen’s University, Canada. Her research focuses on Israeli and to a lesser extent Palestinian cinemas (primarily from post-colonialist and feminist perspectives). Recently she has focused on nationalism, militarism, and gender. Her documentary work is about identity politics, andpolitics of representation and she developed a format of short videos, DiaDocuMEntaRY. Her videos have been screening in film festivals and curated screenings around the world. Dorit is now embarking on avideo installation project in Jerusalem. To learn more about her work go to .

Kip Pegley Film and Media
Gender Studies

Popular music, visual culture, critical theory.

Elaine Power Gender Studies
Kinesiology and Health Studies

Poverty, food, the body, health.

Kim Renders Drama

Large-scale artist/community collaborations,

Applied theatre

Exploration of non-script-based performance

Movement theatre 

Theatre for Young Audiences

Ted Rettig Art


Natalie Rewa Drama
Gender Studies

Scenographic design in Canada since the 1970s.

Clive Robertson Art

Performance art, installations, audio art, video art and publishing across issues of community formation, representation and cultural mediation.

Matt Rogalsky Music

Histories, reconstructions, and new performances of late 20th century electronic and experimental music.

Julie Salverson Drama

Salverson’s current research, writing and performance interests include: Canada’s involvement in the development of the atomic bomb (continuing work from a SSHRC funded project with Peter Van Wyck, Concordia University); the comedic and absurd as approaches to witnessing violence beyond an aesthetic of injury and spectacle; the relationship between aesthetics and ethics in translating stories of violence; Creative non-fiction and its place in scholarship; the role of the imagination in learning and development.

Ariel Salzmann History

Islamic history, world history.

Donato Santeramo Languages, Literatures and Cultures

20th-century Italian theatre and literature, literary studies and semiotics.

Jill Scott Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Indigenous Law and Justice, Conflict Resolution, Restorative and Transitional Justice, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Social Dynamics of Mourning & Grief, Law and Literature, German and Austrian Literary Modernisms, Social Media and Technology in Higher Education, Culture Change in Post-secondary Education.

Sergio Sismondo Philosophy 

Science and Technology Studies, political economies of pharmaceutical knowledge.

Gordon Smith Music
Mick Smith Philosophy
School of Environmental Studies

Environmental ethics, social constructions of nature, environmental sociology, the ethics and emotions of place, Gadamer, social theory and hermeneutics, theories of modernism and postmodernism

Sarah Smith Agnes Etherington Art Centre
Sarita Srivastava Sociology Gender Studies

Social Movements; Sociology of Gender and Race; Sociology of Emotion; Feminist Movements and Feminist Theory.

Peter Thompson Gender Studies
Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Golden Age Theatre, The Entremés, Queer Theory.

Jane Tolmie Gender Studies

Theatre, lyric poetry, medieval romance (verse and prose), performance studies, feminist, queer and gender theory, alternative comics/sequential art, and autobiography.

Asha Varadharajan English

Postcolonial literatures and studies in globalization and culture, literary theory (Marxism, post-structuralism, feminism and psychoanalysis), cultural studies, critical race theories and multiculturalism, Adorno and the Frankfurt School, violence, civil society, and the bio-politics of citizenship.

Barrington Walker History

Black Canadian History, "Race," Immigration.

Margaret Walker Music Dr. Margaret Walker joined the School of Music at Queen’s in 2006 where she teaches courses in Ethnomusicology, Western music history, and various aspects of World Music.
Glenn Willmott English

Modernisms, modern culture genres (especially comics and graphic novels), human-animal and ecocriticism, literary and critical theory (Western Marxism, post-Marxisms, poststructuralism, feminist critique, psychoanalysis, media), economic approaches to literature.

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