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Queen's University

Project Option

The Cultural Studies program is committed to maintaining strong ties with groups and communities outside of the university, including marginalized groups, artists, activists, and progressive non-profit groups. The goal of the program is to create an intellectual envionrment that combines a high level of academic scholarship and ongoing meaningful engagement with social, potlical, and cultural issues relevant to local and global communities. To this end, a key feature of the Cultural Studies program is the project option. This option will allow students to create a cultural product (work of art, performance, film, play, text) or to become involved in community-based cultural project as a means of partially fulfilling the requirements for the MA or PhD.

Students taking the project option will be required to provide an analytic theoretical commentary based on the work, its conditions of production, and its implications for academic scholarship. Thus, the project option will lead to new forms of production of academic knowledge, both in terms of the media used, and in terms of content.

The expectations for MA and PhD project options are different:

Because the project option of our program requires involvement with community organizations, we will be drawing upon the many associations our faculty have both in the Kingston area and beyond.

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