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Queen's University

Department of Global Development Studies


MassiMadi Presentation

International Film Festival LGBT Afro-Caribbean’s

Beyond Our Fears

This conference is combined with the projection of Born This Way at 19:00

Sexuality (and gender relations) in Africa is bad figure for the past 700 years. Indeed, the writings and observations of religion and lifestyles of Africans, specifically Saharan seem to focus more on the bizarre, outrageous cruelty and nature of practices, beliefs and even the appearance physics. For example, discussions commonly brought on HIV, violence based on gender and " African homophobia " are often hot topics that capture more attention.

However, despite the terrible cost of the awakening of political homophobia and religious fundamentalism in recent years, the speakers remain optimistic about the positive developments in the battle of law and sexual health in Africa.

Marc Epprecht is Professor and Head of the Department of Global Development Studies at Queen's University. He published widely on the history written in-law and sexuality in Africa.

SN Nyeck is assistant professor at Clarkson University in New York. She specializes in sexual and political contentious parameters and government outsourcing in comparative perspective.

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