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Student Profiles

2016-2017 DEVS MA Students

Raphael Avalos

Raphael Avalos

Research Interests: My research focuses on post-conflict development in El Salvador, specifically the country’s mid-to-long term progress after the 1992 peace accords brought a twelve-year civil war to a close.

Remy Bargout

Remy Bargout

Research Interests: Broadly speaking I am interested in agro-ecological issues related to small rain-fed agriculture. My current research looks at the adoption and benefits of new plant varieties in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Noelle Bauman

Noelle Bauman

Thesis topic: My thesis research examines the lived experiences and life narratives of Judeo-Christian women in two different regions in Uganda. It investigates if/how women individually and collectively perceive and contest marginalizing social norms through gender performativity.

M'Lisa Colbert

M'Lisa Colbert

Research Interests: I am interested in conducting research regarding social economy theory, corporate social responsibility and cooperative and community renewable energy projects in Latin America.

Annabelle Gagnon-Barnes

Annabelle Gagnon-Barnes

Research Interests: My main research interest is centered on the impacts of gender-based violence in urban and rural sectors of India. More precisely, I am interested in the disparaging effects of gender-based violence on women’s integration or disintegration in their community from a socio-economic standpoint.  

Yesutor Gbewonyo

Yesutor Gbewonyo

Research Interests: The extent to which policies and services in Ghana support the reproductive health of adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities and how to mobilize resources to improve their reproductive health.

Conor Grieve

Conor Grieve

Research Interests: Governance, protectionism, sustainability, development economics and infrastructure improvement as they relate to poverty reduction in the Global South. 

Kim Lawson

Kim Lawson

Research Interests: My general research interests are in the areas of global governance and conflict studies. Specifically I am interested in looking at humanitarian intervention and the use of international laws on the development of countries in conflict. 

Laura Myers

Laura Myers

Research Interests: My thesis research involves analysing the creation and role of Indigenous women’s organisations in Canada. The aim of the research is to centre on Indigenous women’s perspectives and activism in attempt to understand the impact Indigenous women and their organisations have on select actors within Canada, such as various levels of government, other Indigenous organisations, and Indigenous communities. Critical gender, race, Indigenous, and decolonizing theories and methodologies are guiding my research framework.

Chiedza Pasipanodya

Chiedza Pasipanodya

Research Interests: My main research interest is in the economic development of women in Zimbabwe, particularly looking at the informal economy in urban areas.

Dillon Smith

Renee Rogers

Research Interests: My main research interest focuses on how traditional colonialism and neocolonialist practices have served as a detriment to the conditions for development in Central and North Africa. Specifically, I am interested in the current debate surrounding the economic and humanitarian effects of Chinese investments in this region.

Selected MA Thesis & Major Research Paper Titles

  • Applying Feminist and Queer Theories to Gender-Based Violence in Post-Conflict Societies: A Case Study of the Transition Process in Liberia

  • Bartering for Brains: Exploring the Migration of South African Physicians to Canada in the Context of the Brain Drain vs. the Skill Flow Debate

  • Ceding the Seed: Farmers' Loss of Means of Production and the Introduction of Bt Cotton Seeds in Andhra Pradesh, India, 2002 –Present

  • A Critical Analysis of Climate Change Policies of Nepal

  • A Comparative Analysis of Internal and Cross-Border Migration in the Southern African Region

  • Critical Analysis of ‘Food Sovereignty’ as an Alternative to ‘Food Security’: A Case Study of Food Sovereignty in Canada

  • Deconstructing DDR: Understanding the Absence of Females in Post-Conflict Reconstruction Programs in Sierra Leone and Sudan

  • The Developmental Potential of the Zimbabwean Diaspora in Canada

  • Ecotourism and National Parks in Southern Africa

  • Effective Collaboration or Forced Union? Examining the Role of Corporate Partnerships in the Sport for Development Non-Profit Sector

  • Efficacy of the 2005 South African Life Orientation Program 

  • Female Ex-Combatants’ Access to Education in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone: How Girls’ Needs Have Been Overlooked in Rehabilitation Efforts 

  • Finding Balance: Determining the Relationship between Economic Development, Traditional Knowledge, and Natural Resource Management in the Context of the Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq

  • The Flip Side of COIN: Unraveling the Internal Contradictions of the Security-Development Nexus 

  • The Impact of an Integrated Health Care System on Maternal and Child Mortality: A Case Study of the Ecuadorian Context

  • "The Messy Work:" Parenting, Social Reproduction, and Neoliberal Restructuring in Jamaica

  • The Nation's Caregivers: Work Experiences, Professional Identities and Gender Politics of Pakistan's Lady Health Workers

  • Natural Disasters: The Order Behind the Disorder

  • Overcoming Fragmentation? Labour-Community Alliances and The Complexity of Movement Building in Cape Town

  • The 'People' in Historical Perspective: Argentina's Populist Tradition, 1943-Present

  • Plight of the Living Dead: Liminality, AIDS and Advocacy in South Africa 

  • The Politics of Environmental Migration: the experience of Bangladesh

  • Power, Alternativity, and Cultural Production in Contemporary Cuba. The Case of the Rotilla Festival

  • Toward a Historical Materialist Analysis of Femicide in Post-Conflict Guatemala