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The 2015 Viewbook provides a comprehensive overview of this extraordinary university from an undergraduate perspective. The publication is rich with details on our academic programs, extra-curricular activities, and the community-minded spirit we call the "broader-learning environment."

[Douglas library in the fall]

Faculty and School Viewbooks:

Other program-specific information and downloads are available on the faculty websites.

​Annual Report

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[cover of Annual Report]

It is astonishing to think of how much a university like ours gets done in a year. In the past 12 months, our students made incredible leaps in their learning and our researchers made new contributions to knowledge. We paved the way for new academic programs while finding better ways to support those students needing an extra boost. We also focused our attention on planning for the future. In short, it has been a busy and productive year.

The pages of this annual report will, of course, only allow us to highlight a fraction of what we accomplished in 2013-14. It will introduce you to some of our students and the projects that captured their interest in the last year...

Daniel Woolf
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Faculty Recruitment

An Overview for Prospective Faculty (1 MB)