Working Papers

Executive Summary - Defence Output Measurement Workshop - November, 2011

Binyam Solomon and Ivan Taylor

November 2011

Economics of Force Generation

Ugurhan Berkok

March 2010

Terrorism Insurance - Political Incentives

Ugurhan Berkok, Bogdan Kovarov, Adnan Khan

February 2010

The Civil-Military Boundaries of Ethics and Canadian Military Operations

Douglas Bland

December 2008

A Threatened Future: Canada’s Future Strategic Environment
and its Security Implications

Prepared for the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute (co-sponsored by Defence Management Studies) by:

J.L. Granatstein
Gordon S. Smith, Executive Director, Centre for Global Studies
University of Victoria

Denis Stairs
Dalhousie University

Fall 2007

The Triage of Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy

A Comparative Analysis of the Current Canadian Forces Mission in Afghanistan and a Potential Canadian Forces Mission to Darfur

John A. Harder and Ali A. Salam

May 2007

Stability Campaigns: Lessons Learned and Lessons Applied

Amy Batt and Matthew Chu

May 2007

Collenette’s Report: A Democratic Society Taskforce Report on Security

Honourable David Collenette

Canada's Only Vital National Interest: Close Alliance With The United States

Douglas Bland

February 2007

Criteria for Stability Campaigns in "Wars Amongst the People"

Andrew C. Quinlan


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