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Space configuration: Flexible geometry

What is the total number of seats? 130 max.

In flexible space, what is standard capacity? 130
In flexible space, what is the maximum available chairs? 130
In flexible space, what is the maximum capacity per fire code? 130

Normal Working Hours:

AM Starting Time: 9 am
Lunch Break: From 12pm to 1pm
Dinner Break: From 5pm to 6pm
Normal Performance from: 8pm to 10:30pm
Length of Intermission: 15 mins
Show Call Conditions: Minimum call = 3 Hours
Number of Crew = 1 minimum
Load Out Conditions: Minimum call = 3 Hours
Number of Crew = 1 minimum
Number of crew on staff: 0

When does overtime start? After 12pm
Are stage hands salaried or volunteers? Volunteers
Are these overtime rules that require further explanation? No

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Can visiting crews operate house equipment

WITH house crew supervising? YES
WITHOUT house crew supervising? YES
What is your smoking policy? No smoking in the building.

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Loading Information


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Stage door size


Can loading take place at all times? NO, Classes restrict access.

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Stage Dimensions and equipment

Main Level 69' wide x 40' @ centre, semi-circular
Balcony raps around semi-circle.
10.5' wide at sides, 6' a corners, and is 13' at center. (see groundplan)

Balcony is 11.8' high from the main level.
Underside of balcony: 9'-3"
The lighting grid is 19' from the main level.
NOTE: Grid pipes are 1 1/4".

No fixed backdrops. Back wall painted black.
Four 16' x 6' black velour legs.
Two 19' x 4' black velour legs.
One 50' x 5' black velour boarder, can be pined in half.

One 36' x 19' soft blue cotton cyclorama.

One 13' x 25' black sharks tooth cotton scrim.
NOTE: Other soft goods available upon request.

130 Chairs
16 Wenger 3' x 8' risers with guardrails.
8", 16", 24" 32" legs available.
4 30deg pie shaped risers
2 45deg. Pie shaped risers units.

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Stage Floor Composition

Stage: Sprung. Masonite on ply on rubber pads. Flat black
Can floor be painted? YES
Can floor be screwed? YES
Can floor be nailed? YES
Can floor be drilled into? YES

NOTE: No dance floor. No traps. No set orchestra pit.
Risers are available upon request; various sizes.

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The doors at the upstage back wall connect to a hallway that provide a means of a crossover.

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Small anti rooms off stage left provides space for prop items (7' x 7').

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Carpentry Workshops

Is the carpentry workshop on site? YES
Are there restrictions to using it? NO
Is the carpentry workshop unionized? NO

Types of Equipment: Table Saw, Belt Sander, Radial Arm Saw, Compound Mitre Saw, Band Saw, Air Compressor. Assorted power & Pneumatic tools

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Size L 28' 10" W 24'10" H 11'6"

Location of rehearsal room: Room 106, located on the first floor.

Is the rehearsal room always available? No, the room is dependant on other bookings.

What type of floor does the rehearsal space have? Sprung floor. Linoleum


Is the following equipment available in the rehearsal space?:

Piano: No. Lighting system: No
Sound system: No Ballet Barre: No
Music stands: No. Chairs: Yes
Mirrors: No
Additional equipment: Rehearsal furniture available upon request ( chairs, tables, risers, cubes etc)


Is there a Green Room available? Yes, located in the basement
Are there vending machines? Yes, located on the first floor
Are there kitchen facilities? Yes, in the Green Room


Is there a visiting company office? No

Do visiting companies have access to:

Telephone: Yes, rotary only, in the Green room kitchen. No long distance
Internet: Yes, during Computer lab hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-3:45pm)
Fax machine: Yes, during office hours ( Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm)
Voice mail: No
Photocopier: Yes, during office hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm)