Specs: Con Hall

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Normal Working Hours:

AM Starting Time: 9 am
Lunch Break: From 12pm to 1pm
Dinner Break: From 5pm to 6pm
Normal Performance from: 8pm to 10:30pm
Length of Intermission: 15 mins
Show Call Conditions: Minimum call = 3 Hours
Number of Crew = 1 minimum
Load Out Conditions: Minimum call = 3 Hours
Number of Crew = 1 minimum
Number of crew on staff: 0

When does overtime start? After 12pm

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Can visiting crews operate house equipment

WITH house crew supervising? YES
WITHOUT house crew supervising? Yes, in some cases
What is your smoking policy? No smoking in the building.

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Loading Information

Is loading door accessible for tractor/trailer unit? NO
Is parking for trucks available? YES at West Campus, no restriction on numbers.

Are these accessibility problems that the driver should be aware of? NO

Are ramps available? NO
Are dock plates available? NO
Dock leveler? NO
Forklift? NO
Is loading dock at stage level? NO
Stage accessible by stairs and elevator (description below)
Is shore power available for tour buses? NO

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Elevator Details

Elevator capacity: 1200 lbs
Elevator interior cab height: 7' 5 1/2"
Dimensions of door opening: W: 3' H: 7' L: 23'

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Stage door size from loading dock

Stage: W: 63' L: 7'
Dressing Rooms: W: 30' L: 6'
Orchestra Pit: N/A

Can loading take place at all times? NO, Classes restrict access.

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Stage Dimensions and Equipment

Structural proscenium opening: W: 22' 10 1/2" x 13' 11 1/2"
False proscenium opening (Max) W: N/A x N/A
(Min) W: N/A x N/A

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Stage Plan

Zero to back wall of stage 15' 1"
Zero to front of orchestra pit N/A
Zero to front of Stage 7'2 1/4"
Zero back to curtain N/A
Thickness of fire curtain pocket N/A
Centre to stage right stage wall 22' 2 3/4"
Centre to stage left stage wall 22' 1 1/2"

Obstructions? YES
Circular stair cases of both upstage right and left.

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Stage Front Elevations

Centre to stage right wall, fly tower 22' 6 3/4"
Centre to stage left wall, fly tower 22' 5 1/2"
Centre to onstage of right gallery N/A
Centre to onstage of left gallery 19' 3 1/2"
Stage floor to underside of 1st side gallery 7' 1 1/2"
Stage floor to underside of 2nd side gallery N/A
Stage floor to underside of grid 27'
Obstructions? NO

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Stage Side Elevations

Zero to front of rear gallery N/A
Stage height relative to auditorium floor 35' 1/2"
Stage floor to underside of rear gallery N/A
Zero to back wall of fly tower 15' 1"
Obstructions? YES, curving truss of roof between the line sets 2 and 3

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Stage Floor Composition

Stage: Masonite - flat black
Side Stage: Masonite - flat black
Can floor be painted? YES
Can floor be screwed? YES
Can floor be nailed? YES
Can floor be drilled into? YES

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Existing? YES
Size: 5.6" x 30 1/2"
Number of sections? 1
Traproom floor to stage floor: 15' 3 1/2"
Traproom floor to underside of stage floor structure? 13' 7"

Comments: No permanent underside access. Scaffold required.

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Orchestra Pit

Is there an orchestra Pit? NO

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Location: Upstage R/L circular stair
Details: Exit down circular staircase a USL or USR. Cross through workshop. Re-enter at opposite circular staircase. 30 sec approx travel time.

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None available

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Carpentry Workshops

Is the carpentry workshop on site? YES
Are there restrictions to using it? NO
Is the carpentry workshop unionized? NO

Types of Equipment: Table Saw, Belt Sander, Radial Arm Saw, Compound Miter Saw, Band Saw, Air Compressor. Assorted power & Pneumatic tools

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Fly Information

Type of system: Power driven, Hemp, Electric
Number of pipes that can be controlled at the same time: 1
Positive tolerance: 0
Max Speed: 20ft/min


Counterweight system:
Single purchase
Max load per pipe: 700 lbs
Quantity of lines per set: 3
Max capacity of counterweight available in the theatre: N/A
Weight and sizes available: N/A
Can fly pipes be ganged together for heavy pieces? YES
Location of counter weight operations: LEFT
Location of loading floor: N/A

Are pipe extensions available? YES
How many? 6
How far can pipes be extended? Left: 4'
Right: 4'
Is it possible to rig chain hoist or other lifting devices to counterweight
arbor to assist in the installation of heavy equipment?
Are there any up/down stage fly lines? NO
Is it possible to install a mechanical hoist or spot lines? NO

Is there a pin rail? YES
Are hemp or other lines available? NO
Are sheaves available? NO
Are sandbags available? NO

If touring company carries own hoists, location of power:
D.S.R one floor down (off shop)
Type of power connectors: Bare end
Who does hook-up? Production manager

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Detailed Information for location of Fly Lines

Line set
Distance from <0>
Permanent occupation
Fire curtain N/A    
House Border 6" Counterweight, single purchase location U.S side of proc. S.L
House curtain N/A    
1 1' 3" Free pipe  
2 2' LX 1 Electric winch. U.S side of proc S.R
3 4' 6" Free pipe  
4 5' 3" Free pipe  
5 6' #1 legs/ traveler Traveler accessed on S.L
6 7' Free Pipe  
7 9' #2 border breasted D.S for LX 2
8 9'6" LX 2/ #2 legs hand winch - middle S.R wall
9 10' 6" Free pipe  
10 13' 6" Free pipe  
11 14' Free pipe  
12 14' 6" #3 border  

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Permanently and Semi-Permanently Installed Equipment

  Counter-weight Electric winch Operated from Speed (Ft/s)(m/s) Max Height Min Height
House curtain N/A          
Lighting bridge N/A          
Cyc. lighting N/A          
Cyclorama N/A          
D.S. LX   Yes S.R. (U.S. side of Proc.) 20 m/s 18'5" 3 1/2'
U.S. LX   Yes S.R. side wall Hand Winch 20' 4'


How are galleries accessed? Ladder on wall D.S - S.L.
How is the grid accessed? N/A
Please provide info on any other equipment on stage or in fly tower:
S.L - LX cable storage
S.R - house/work/grid lights, headsets, intercom/speaker/microphone patch bays

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Standard House Drapery Plot

  Flame Proofed Distance Colour Size (WxH) Fullness Material Notes
#1 Border Yes 11'8" black 24'x10 1/2" 150% Velour House border
#1 Legs Yes 11' black 32'x16' 150% Velour On traveler
#2 Border Yes 13 1/2' black 30'x 6' 150% Velour  
#2 Legs Yes 10' black 29'x16' 150% Velour  
#3 Border Yes 19' black 30'x6' 150% Velour  


House Curtain: N/A

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Curtain Backdrops

Line set: 5
Traveler: Yes
Dimensions: 32' x 16'
Colour: Black
Material: Velour

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Line set: Back wall
Dimensions: 3 1/2' x 18'
Colour: White
Material: Paint

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Line set: Not hung
Dimensions: 13' x 25'
Colour: Black
Material: Cotton

General comment on curtains, screens, cyc, etc.
Good condition.

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Size L 28' 10" W 24'10" H 11'6"

Location of rehearsal room: Room 106, located on the first floor.

Is the rehearsal room always available? No, the room is dependant on other bookings.

What type of floor does the rehearsal space have? Sprung floor. Linoleum


Is the following equipment available in the rehearsal space?:

Piano: No. Lighting system: No
Sound system: No Ballet Barre: No
Music stands: No. Chairs: Yes
Mirrors: No
Additional equipment: Rehearsal furniture available upon request ( chairs, tables, risers, cubes etc)


Is there a Green Room available? Yes, located in the basement
Are there vending machines? Yes, located on the first floor
Are there kitchen facilities? Yes, in the Green Room


Is there a visiting company office? No

Do visiting companies have access to:

Telephone: Yes, rotary only, in the Green room kitchen. No long distance
Internet: Yes, during Computer lab hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-3:45pm)
Fax machine: Yes, during office hours ( Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm)
Voice mail: No
Photocopier: Yes, during office hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm)