Vogt Studio Specifications

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Normal working hours

AM Start time: 9am
Lunch Break: Noon
Dinner Break: 5:30 pm

Normal performance time: 8pm. (Matinee 2pm)

There is no smoking anywhere in the building

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Loading and Access

Access is up 2 short flights of stairs. 8 steps and 4 steps
Smallest door: 3' -0" x 6'-11"
Distance from loading doors to stage: 21'-5"
Parking: On street parking is available after 5pm, and on weekends,
otherwise a parking lot or meter must be used.

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Stage Dimensions

Facility type: The studio is a black box theatre. Max seating 80. There are black velour curtains on 3 walls.
Size: 38' - 9"' x 32' - 5"

Height: 12' - 6"

Grid: 1 1/4" black pipe on 6' spacing and around perimeter of studio.

Fire Exits: There are 2 fire exits on the west wall that must be kept clear.

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Stage Floor

Composition: Masonite on Plywood on rubber pads
Colour: Black
Traps: None

Can floor be painted? Yes
Can floor be screwed into? Yes
Can floor be nailed into? Yes

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Curtains / Cyc / Scrim

Qty: 6
Type: Black, 25oz velour
Size: 48" x 12' 3"

Traveler: 12' x 15' Black Velour
Track: 30'
Cyc: 13' x 35' White. By special arrangement
Scrim.: 12' x 25' Black. By special arrangement

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There is no fly system

There is no orchestra pit

There is no workshop on site


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